Migrate EMLX to EML – Surprisingly Simple 4 Steps Tutorial

How to Migrate EMLX to EML

Want to migrate EMLX to EML? This tutorial of just 4 steps would tell you how, but more than that it would surprise you by the fact that how simple it can be once you have the appropriate tools and the guidance.

But first, an admission of truth – this tutorial isn’t exactly about how to migrate EMLX to EML, but how to get the data from Mac Mail into EML files. But to be honest, that’s about the same thing, if not better.

EMLX is a native and raw file used by Mac Mail to store data. EMLX files are inside the profile database in your Mac. Most users when migrating emails to other client like Outlook Express or other EML file supporting clients, they have to convert everything to EML. Or if they have to keep a backup for longterm, they wish to keep it in EML format, as it is more generic and compatible with many programs.

EMLX and MBOX, on the other hand, are only compatible with Mac Mail.

So, if you want to migrate Mac Mail to EML, you can either convert EMLX to EML through elaborate and tedious manual methods, or you can use the alternative below in just four simple steps.

To begin with, you need “Mail Extractor Max,” a Mac Mail data extraction tool from USL Software. It processes email items carefully and with precision, so worries about data loss.

Tutorial: How to Migrate EMLX to EML

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  • 1. After installation, you launch the tool. Click on “Load” and then “Auto-Load”. This will automatically get your contents from the Mail profile directory into the tool’s conversion engine.how to migrate emlx to eml
  • 2. Choose which folders you wish to convert and which ones you don’t. Or you can leave all of them marked for conversion, as it by default.migrate emlx to eml
  • 3. Choose “EML” from the output list of formats available. Since “Mail Extractor Max” can convert Mac Mail data into other formats. (Outlook 2011 for Mac, Entourage, Postbox, Thunderbird, MBOX & EML).how to convert emlx to eml
  • 4. Hit “convert,” choose the location for the output EML files. Once the conversion is over, you can simply use EML files anywhere you want. Keep them in safe location for restoration of data in future.


These four steps drastically changes the entire paradigm of EMLX to EML or Mac Mail to EML conversion forever.

To put that in perspective, other ordinary methods would have to first manually locate EMLX files. Keep a backup of Mac Mail profile in case things go south, load the EMLX file one by one to the third-party converter. Carefully check each setting and options, and dozens of other manual actions that will leave you high and dry. Or the best case scenario, it will end up converting data to EML files, but only with compressible precision and data integrity.

Here, you not only get a quick way to move data to EML Files, but also a secured way of data migration that doesn’t fragment your files and important contents. All your non-English text, images, attachments, etc. will be converted cleanly with no deformity.

Download “Mail Extractor Max” and start migrating your emails from Apple Mail to EML or migrate EMLX to EML.

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