Import Mac Mail to Thunderbird Quick and Easy

Import Mac Mail to Thunderbird fast and reliably using “Mail Extractor Max,” a Mac based software application that runs based on advanced logic and script, tailored to convert all sorts of different data components from Mac Mail.

Import Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Mail Extractor Max” has a secret trick up their sleeve through which they offer far better accuracy than any other Mac Mail to Thunderbird converter.

The tool can directly convert data from the profile database directory of Mac Mail, which means, it doesn’t need any raw data files such as EMLX. Converting these raw data files like EMLX is how most converters function. You need to manually look for these files in your Mac Mail directory and then load them on to the tool. But that’s not the case with “Mail Extractor Max“.

import mac mail to thunderbird

Using direct-to-source approach, the tool can function with better accuracy. And outputs files that have same data and the structure as was with original (input) Mac Mail database.

Another feature that separates it from other ordinary solutions is the interface.

It is very important for an email migration tool to have multiple options. Otherwise the results can be not what you wanted. With these options, you can control the aspects of the conversion. But implementing these features so can make the interface look cluttered.

But “Mail Extractor Max” has a smart use of its interface space that allows for both functionality and simplicity. It is indeed equipped with all essential options but doesn’t overwhelm the users or turn its focus away.

“Mail Extractor Max” also has the following features:

  1. It is too quick. Through the use of fast scripts that runs without hiccups, the tool is able to smoothly process information and resulting in fast conversion rate.
  2. It supports non-English text conversion as well, especially characters like Chinese. They are complicated for an email migration tool because they use DBCS characters. But “Mail Extractor Max” had dedicated algorithms to make sure any non-English text isn’t lost in translation.
  3. It gives you full control over what folders you want to convert or not. The manual folder selection makes it possible to avoid any unwanted folders to Thunderbird database, as opposed to forcefully and unnecessarily convert the entire database.
  4. It also lets you convert your Mac Mail database to Entourage, Outlook Mac, Thunderbird, Postbox, and files like MBOX and EML.
  5. The tool generates a brief and detailed conversion log at the end. This comes in handy if you have a large database to convert. It gives full log about the files converted, their path, and any errors if any.
  6. There’s 24×7 customer support to assist you through any means necessary.

mac mail to thunderbird

Get it to import Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Download the trial setup now and check it out –

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Mail Extractor Max” has the easiest approach to import Mac Mail to Thunderbird and you will instantly see that once you install it and start interacting with it through its smart UI.

Migrate EMLX to EML – Surprisingly Simple 4 Steps Tutorial

How to Migrate EMLX to EML

Want to migrate EMLX to EML? This tutorial of just 4 steps would tell you how, but more than that it would surprise you by the fact that how simple it can be once you have the appropriate tools and the guidance.

But first, an admission of truth – this tutorial isn’t exactly about how to migrate EMLX to EML, but how to get the data from Mac Mail into EML files. But to be honest, that’s about the same thing, if not better.

EMLX is a native and raw file used by Mac Mail to store data. EMLX files are inside the profile database in your Mac. Most users when migrating emails to other client like Outlook Express or other EML file supporting clients, they have to convert everything to EML. Or if they have to keep a backup for longterm, they wish to keep it in EML format, as it is more generic and compatible with many programs.

EMLX and MBOX, on the other hand, are only compatible with Mac Mail.

So, if you want to migrate Mac Mail to EML, you can either convert EMLX to EML through elaborate and tedious manual methods, or you can use the alternative below in just four simple steps.

To begin with, you need “Mail Extractor Max,” a Mac Mail data extraction tool from USL Software. It processes email items carefully and with precision, so worries about data loss.

Tutorial: How to Migrate EMLX to EML

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  • 1. After installation, you launch the tool. Click on “Load” and then “Auto-Load”. This will automatically get your contents from the Mail profile directory into the tool’s conversion to migrate emlx to eml
  • 2. Choose which folders you wish to convert and which ones you don’t. Or you can leave all of them marked for conversion, as it by default.migrate emlx to eml
  • 3. Choose “EML” from the output list of formats available. Since “Mail Extractor Max” can convert Mac Mail data into other formats. (Outlook 2011 for Mac, Entourage, Postbox, Thunderbird, MBOX & EML).how to convert emlx to eml
  • 4. Hit “convert,” choose the location for the output EML files. Once the conversion is over, you can simply use EML files anywhere you want. Keep them in safe location for restoration of data in future.


These four steps drastically changes the entire paradigm of EMLX to EML or Mac Mail to EML conversion forever.

To put that in perspective, other ordinary methods would have to first manually locate EMLX files. Keep a backup of Mac Mail profile in case things go south, load the EMLX file one by one to the third-party converter. Carefully check each setting and options, and dozens of other manual actions that will leave you high and dry. Or the best case scenario, it will end up converting data to EML files, but only with compressible precision and data integrity.

Here, you not only get a quick way to move data to EML Files, but also a secured way of data migration that doesn’t fragment your files and important contents. All your non-English text, images, attachments, etc. will be converted cleanly with no deformity.

Download “Mail Extractor Max” and start migrating your emails from Apple Mail to EML or migrate EMLX to EML.

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How to Import Outlook Olm into Apple Mail

Outlook 2011 and Apple Mail are two great email programs for Mac that have let users productively manage their emailing needs. However, in spite of both being in Mac environment, their data files (Olm for Outlook, and Mbox for Apple Mail) don’t get along. This causes a lot of friction during the email switch from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail. Users find it hard to transfer the data among the two programs without facing a lot of complications.

So, how do you import Outlook Olm into Apple Mail easily? There are few ways to deal with this.

1.) You could choose to drag and drop the email folders from Outlook into your Mac desktop. What this does is automatically convert the data inside that folder into Mbox files. Then you could import those Mbox files in Apple Mail.

2.) You could use an intermediary IMAP account (for instance, Gmail) and sync your email folders from Outlook to the servers of that account. Then, sync the data back from servers to the Apple Mail.

3.) Use a third party software to convert Olm files to Mbox.

Does it seem that these solutions have their own benefits and negative points? You are right. All of these three road that you can take to migrate your emails have their own blocks and assistants along the road.

First method (Drag and Drop) – This is seemingly the most elementary method that requires no internet connection and no need to install a third party software. Simply drag a folder and drop it your Mac desktop to convert to Mbox files.

It makes complete sense to go down this road if you have one or two particular email folders to transfer. Any more than that, you will be in a pickle, specially if you have a lot of emails and folders to import to Apple Mail.

  • It needs manual drag and drop using mouse or track-pad. Imagine doing it for 100 folders.
  • In addition, it also takes time to convert data in folders to Mbox files when you drag/drop them.
  • Incomplete migration – this is one of the most inaccurate email migration methods. It doesn’t preserve images, email headers, non-English characters, meta-data, and other properties of your database. You could find a lot of content irregularities in Mbox files, few of the most common ones are unreadable text, empty folders, broken images, etc.
  • Doesn’t apply for contacts and calendar

Second method (IMAP account) – This is relatively better way than drag/drop method. You sync the data from outlook to IMAP enabled server, and then sync from server to Apple Mail. It sounds simple enough to perform, and it is relatively simpler than most tedious methods floating around on internet these days. Simply use Gmail as your intermediary IMAP account and go from there. It’s a straightforward solution.

However, yet again, it can be highly frustrating and painful for users with big databases.

  • It requires internet connection, and a high bandwidth usage to sync data from client to server and server to client. Make sure to check the total size of the database and the allowed data usage by your internet provider.
  • Depending on your internet connection, it could be painfully slow. Furthermore, the IMAP connection runs on a background of most servers, which delivers even lesser speed.
  • Inaccurate Migration – This method may also compromise the integrity of your data and you may find the same issue as with the first method. Although, this one is relatively more accurate than the drag/drop and is less likely to give you extreme form of data corruption or fidelity loss.
  • Easy but not effective – It’s easy to create an account and sync data through client to server However, it is not too much effective. To make it effective, you have to do a lot of other things like check the settings and such, to make the conversion results acceptable.

Third Method (third party software) – You pay for a third party software which converts your Olm files to Mbox. These Olm to Mbox converter are many in the market that would give you the acceptable means of email migration. However, there are very few that are simply most powerful, easy to use, and effective third party utilities, which everyone should use.

One that is mostly frequently comes up on internet is “Olm Extractor Pro” by USL Software. It is recommended by some of the top industry experts for its accuracy, ease of use, and most importantly, for its technical support.

how to Import Outlook Olm into Apple Mail

All the arguments against drag/drop and IMAP syncing given above simply do not exist with a professional file converter. The only argument that apparently seems to be against using a software, as opposed to manual ways, is that the software are not free.

Which makes sense at first. But with ordinary tools and manual methods, if you noticed how much time you wasted, and how you lost many of your images, attachments, and other details, and how much mental effort you had to put in – you’ll realize that, in the end, Olm Extractor Pro was more economical.

Would you like to know how to transfer OLM to PST with the best instrument at the most moderate costs?

Presently you can shift OLM files in PST format easily with the assistance of an incredible tool, the OLM to PST Converter Pro. Gladwev software have taken email conversion to an entire other level with the OLM to PST Converter Pro that it appears to be something which each email client ought to do.

Email movement was viewed as a dull and exhausting procedure which was loaded with danger so just expert clients used to shift OLM files in PST with the manual technique. However, since the presentation of third party email tools, changing over OLM files in PST position has become so much less demanding that a large portion of the email clients are currently asking the same inquiry, i.e. how to shift OLM to PST?

olm to pstLuckily Gladwev have concocted the right answer and it lies in their most recent tool which was created after long research. The OLM to PST Converter Pro is presently ensured as the best tool to shift OLM files in PST format.

Gladwev have offered a great many clients in changing over OLM files in PST some assistance with formatting with this splendid device. The OLM to PST converter expert gives 100% exact results while totally shielding the email files of the client. The tool is equipped for giving 100% insurance of the wellbeing of client records while it converts OLM files in PST format.

The OLM to PST converter is brimming with energizing elements which make it the best tool to shift OLM files in PST format.

A percentage of the components of the OLM to PST converter pro are recorded below.

  • Installation is simple and quick
  • A cordial wizard to manage amid OLM to PST exchange
  • Export OLM files in PST at high speeds
  • Convert OLM files in PST with an additional certification of no files misfortune.
  • Move OLM files in PST while sparing all the attached files completely in place
  • Save the read/new status of messages
  • Convert OLM files in PST in mass

If it is true that you are one of the clients who have a keen interest in an tool which can move OLM files in PST format and conveys 100% exact results with a 100% assurance of files security at a value which is simple on the pocket, then you ought to be happy as the OLM to PST converter pro is the instrument which you have been searching for.

If you need to test the device before considering putting any money into it, you are welcome to simply go ahead and attempt the free demo variant of the device.

The free form of the OLM to PST converter pro gives you a chance to shift OLM files in PST design 10 times for every organizer so you can be completely guaranteed that the device is fit for use.

In the event that you are happy and fulfilled by the execution of the free form of the device. At that point you ought to absolutely simply go ahead and request the full and authorized variant at a value which will suit your budget.

The OLM to PST converter pro is the best tool out there. Go and get it.