Mac Mail to PST Conversion, How to Keep Email Attachments Preserved?

You cannot export Mac Mail to PST from inside the client itself; there’s no option to do so. Apple Mail does not allow you to archive or export your folders to any other file than MBOX. Outlook users have to look to third-party software tools to help them migrate data.

PST is an Outlook Windows file that also works with Mac Outlook to import data. This article discusses Mac Mail to PST conversion, which means transferring Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac and/or Outlook for Windows using PST format.

Mac Mail to PST Conversion

But many third-party Mac Mail to PST conversion apps have trouble picking up certain details of your database resulting in incomplete conversion. They can miss entire emails or they can modify metadata and alter the structure, which is sometimes called data integrity loss. One of the most frequently mishandled items is email attachment.

How to preserve attachments?

File attachments are a big part of email communication. Also, with the MIME standard (the internet standard protocol) allows adding more than just document formats as attached files. You can use media files, application files, and even compressed files and send them to anyone using emails. So, when during email migration like Mac Mail to PST, these attachments are lost or not converted with accuracy, it can be a big source of frustration and anxiety. That is what happens with substandard applications when converting email databases.

If you do want that to happen and want to keep all your email attachments, including cloud-based files, when converting Apple Mail to Outlook PST files, there is only one way to do so – use “Mail Extractor Pro” program.

Mac Mail to PST

While there are other tools that can convert attachments from Mac Mail to PST, ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is the only one that does it with full precision and control. It is also supported for Unicode and MIME defined content, which some tools can have problem with. Whatever types of files you have as attachments in Mac Mail or however big in size they are, this is the tool to retain all of those files safely during migration.

The tool that makes it easy

The patented mechanisms of ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ work with every detail of your database safely and correctly. Nothing will be skipped when processing the files. It includes not just attachments, but other types of information as well, like – images and other graphics, double-byte character sets, links, text visual formatting (fonts and colors), folders and their hierarchy, nested emails (conversational type emails), headers, metadata, and read/unread email statuses too.

To put it differently, “Mail Extractor Pro” ensures there is no discrepancies in data or any variation in it. Everything is converted and everything is kept in its original form and place. And yes, all of it includes email attachments too.

Email is a versatile form of communication, without which we cannot even imagine how our world would like today. It not only lets us send text messages instantly but also share files and photos and even collaborate with our work team in a much more productive manner than ever possible. This radical advancement in email communication can sometimes make other things more complex, like migrating Mac Mail to PST files for Outlook.

But also, with tools like “Mail Extractor Pro” (MacOS software program) you can easily convert files and export your data quickly and without risking the integrity of the data.

  • Personal and business-use license available
  • Clean and safe download and install on MacOS
  • Friendly interface
  • Technical support

Try out the free version and see if it works for you. We are confident that you will appreciate it immensely.

Mail Extractor Pro can convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, EML, MBOX in Windows Outlook and Mac Outlook.

Mac Mail to PST Conversion

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