Import Apple Mail to Thunderbird, Cutting Down the Required Steps and Tim!

Whenever someone switches their email clients, along comes the daunting task of migrating all the data. If you only use an email account and all the data are on the servers, you can simply add that account to your new client and let it sync from the servers.

But if you have a local database too, you cannot apply the same method to move local files as well. You can sync it back to the servers through your old client. Then back to the new client, but this is not at all productive or efficient. You can spend hours and still see no result in sight, and if you do succeed, the outcome could be riddled with errors and integrity loss.

The better way for moving your contents is to convert the files as they fit the new client.

Here, we are talking about how to import Apple Mail to Thunderbird. Both clients work on Mac OS X and also support MBOX format, but to move the data manually using the default features could prove to be time consuming and very complicated, especially if this is your first time.

How to import Apple Mail to Thunderbird?

With the help of dedicated and professional tools, you can cut down the required time and steps and achieve far more efficient results.

Many third-party Apple Mail converter software don’t do the same. They offer a few benefits over the manual methods, but they can still be not what you want. Such ordinary converters lack the intensive-power and algorithms to keep the structure in check and might lose important details from the files.

This is resolved by “Mail Extractor Max.” The tool brings mostly all the necessary features in ways that also apply to beginners. It can convert Apple Mail to MBOX, EML, Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage / Outlook Mac (*.rge).

import apple mail to thunderbird

The features

  • In-depth Management of data hierarchy so nothing is ever modified or disrupted (like the arrangement of folders)
  • Simple UI to work through the features effortlessly.
  • The multilayered mechanism work through all the tiny details in email files like headers, nested emails, text formatting, links, and so on.
  • It also carries the in-built and native feature to process your Unicode text that contains all world’ languages including Chinese. Most subpar tools have support for only ASCII (English) encoding standard, and fail, especially when converting the non-English headers
  • And most importantly, “Mail Extractor Max” has a simple method to do the task. It eliminates all other unnecessary steps that otherwise take too long. The biggest feature that helps reducing the total time and effort required is the autoload mechanism. It can detect and select the default Apple Mail database without any input. So, you can let go of all the other methods like MBOX or EMLX conversion. The direct-to-source is far better way to deal with this task.
apple mail to thunderbird

Try it today.

Try it before you activate the full version. “Mail Extractor Max” is available in full version in three different license: household or standard, for small-companies, and for large corporations. These allow everyone to get the software tool for their specific needs and scope of the migration.

The free trial version, you can download it here:

Simply double-click the setup file and install like you’d install any other regular tool.


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