OST Extractor Pro : Why it is the best?

Yes, OST EXTRACTOR PRO is the best OST to PST converter in the market.  Why? Simply because it offers precision, accuracy and comfort which no other tool does. Here are some of the features that make it the stand out performer.


OST Extractor Pro is the definition of Accuracy, Speed and Power, all in the same tool.  The tool can convert any type of OST file into PST. It doesn’t affect the tool if the OST file is corrupted or damaged. The data is extracted from them too.

ost extractor pro

The tool not only converts OST file into PST but provides an output file with zero errors. The accuracy and precision of the tool is exceptional. All the data present in the input file is converted, not even a single byte of data is left unconverted.

The tool also maintains the integrity of the data converted. This means that the structure of output file is exactly the same like input file. This help in navigating through the output file very easy.

The tool supports bulk conversion as well. You can convert a number of OST files in a single go. The accuracy, precision and speed are maintained throughout the conversion process.

All of this is possible because of the highly developed algorithm on which the tool operates. The algorithm is a result of year’s research and development.


They say how you look matters. Well, OST Extractor Pro excels on that front too. The interface provided by the tool reduces your efforts.

A simple graphical user interface with point and click facility makes the tool very easy to use. This enables you to get through the conversion process without any difficulty.

ost extractor pro for mac and windows


OST Extractor Pro provides you with different options on all fronts. Be it operating systems or output file. The tool is available for both Windows and Mac, thus solving your problem of finding different tools for both the systems.

If you can not open ost file, then try this software. The tool also provides the option of converting OST files into not only PST but into Thunderbird, MBOX and Office 365 files as well.


The tool offers you a free to download trial that provides you with almost all the premium features. The features aren’t time or usage restricted, therefore giving you ample amount of time to get used to them.

This gives you a chance to critically analyze the tool and see if it matches your expectations or not, before buying the premium version.

free trial download


This is one of the premium features of the tool. The company, USL Software, provides you with amazing after sales support regarding any problem. This makes the usage experience very pleasant and comfortable.  So download your free trial today and get started.


Tracy Sanchez

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