Convert Thunderbird to Outlook Without Missing any Components like Images, Metadata, or Headers!

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook

Once upon a time, emails used to be simple text. Due to the lack of bandwidth and technological limitations, sending emails meant transferring simple string of text between networks. Today, emails have changed quite drastically and have taken a completely new form of communication and sharing. They no longer are simple words, but essentially anything, from files to richly formatted text and images and so on.

All of that became even more efficient with the use of desktop email clients like Thunderbird and Outlook (for Mac and Windows respectively). But, at the same time, everything behind the screen got more complicated. The better software programs and bandwidth made it accessible for anyone to benefit from these clients and rich communication medium. However, there comes a time when this complexity gives a slight headache to users.

And that is when you need to move emails between clients.

This article focuses on one form of transferring of data between clients – converting Thunderbird to Outlook. If you recently switched to Windows Outlook from Thunderbird, you are probably looking to get all of your emails and related content migrated. And since, your emails contain not just text but other complex items (like graphical objects, attachments, links, formatted text, folders, and so on), this job looks too tedious for a basic user to perform without some form of IT support.

Even worse, if your database is huge, converting Thunderbird to Outlook can look difficult even for IT guys. And most often than not, it is indeed very difficult. The amount of information stored in Thunderbird can get just too daunting to move to Outlook.

But we are about to take a turn here and move on to something good. If you are in the situation where you don’t know how to convert Thunderbird to Outlook without losing some of the information, you are going to like what’s coming next.

For years, many people wished for something – an app, an add-on, a plugin, an official feature –  anything, that can take their mind off during email migration and just simply do everything for them. And today, you are going to get exactly that.

The name of the software program is called “Mail Extractor Pro.” And though, it has many impressive features, the most impressive of all is its ability to do everything itself. Forget what you might have read on forums or blogs, this Mac email migration utility will convert Thunderbird to Outlook with virtually no manual input.

convert thunderbird to outlook

The Best Way to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook

Many traditional tools can also work somewhat decently, but they all still require you to a lot of things manually. And they cannot protect the data integrity to the last bit of data. “Mail Extractor Pro” has both of these qualities that many wanted:

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  • It doesn’t require you to manually select data files from Thunderbird for conversion. You simply choose ‘Auto-load” and it gets your contents from the profile folder automatically. That’s just it. After that, it will start converting and will give you clean PST files for Windows Outlook.
  • And this happens with extreme precision. None of the richness and complexities of your data is ever lost or converted with sloppiness. Graphical embedded objects, email attachments, the structure of your folders, metadata and headers, and everything else is cleanly converted to PST files.


There’s no other tool that comes close to offering what “Mail Extractor Pro”.

Do not wait another minute and get the free trial version right now. It’s easy to use and requires no initial config or setup or any of that. Simply download the setup, install, launch, click on ‘Thunderbird’ to load data, and you are good to go.

How to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook

  1. Click on “Load” next to “Thunderbird/Postbox”how to convert thunderbird to outlook
  2. Then Click on “Auto Load” or If you have Thunderbird Profile folder copied then click on “Open” to locate.converting thunderbird to outlook
  3. Click on “Convert”. That’s all.convert thunderbird to outlook 2016

If you are looking for Thunderbird export to PST migration tool, then try ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ to convert Thunderbird to Outlook 2016, 2013 etc.

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