PST to Thunderbird migration, Take an easy approach!

PST to Thunderbird Migration, here is the easy approach for you.

For someone working on Mac, receiving a PST file can be quite a headache. This file may be sent by a client or may have been sent by a higher up. The contents may be important for an ongoing project or may have important information for or about the company. You may be using Thunderbird on Mac more than any other client. After all, with this client being compatible with most systems and MBOX being recognised by multiple platforms, it makes sense to access this data on Thunderbird. As this will require conversion of the format, it is advisable to take the shortest, safest, and reliable approach.

The most reliable solution for PST to Thunderbird Migration

Any PST to Thunderbird converter which decreases human effort and yet gives hundred percent results is the best to use for a specific task. For migrating PST data to MBOX data, this tool by USL is most cost effective as well as time saving too. It can bring easily and then install without any problems followed by a really simple process to migrate files on Mac. Unlike any manual method, the steps are fewer and much simpler. Unlike other tools, the language used is basic and algorithms used are most advanced. It is a certified third party software with assures privacy and security of data.

pst to thunderbird migration

PST to Thunderbird Migration will not alter the folder structure

It is a feature you only get with this software where the folder order and structure are as it is even after converting the format of the your files. This is consistent and is true for bulk as well as partial conversion. By partial conversion, I don’t mean partial transfer of a file. It means that you have the option to select which data you want to convert and send to Thunderbird. The tool will convert only the files you select and leave others untouched when you go for this feature. You won’t be faced with rearranging the selected files after conversion thanks to this particular features.

Advantages of PST to Thunderbird Migration

Due to MBOX files recognise with several email clients, almost consider universally. Large sized files, it can easily save and the format is quite stable. Thunderbird as a platform is quite user friendly and has a good support. Even for this conversion you will not have any issue with support as the team behind the tool will offer round the clock assistance for this tool and related issues. Thus your decision to shift PST files on Mac to Thunderbird will be a wise one and can easily implement with this advanced tool.

It is easy and you can see why

This task may have been almost nightmarish for many. When only safe method was manual but now with this Outlook to Thunderbird converter, your woes are over. A free demo will give you an even better insight to how this is now quite easy with this particular solution. You can purchase full version after getting this experience.

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