The Unconventional Approach to Export Mail from Mac Outlook 2011/2016 to Thunderbird

Mac Outlook 2011 / Outlook 2016 and Thunderbird are both email clients for Mac. But the fact remains that data transfer between them is always painful and long. Also the fact that their data files are very different doesn’t really help.

Export Mail from Mac Outlook 2011 / 2016 to Thunderbird

Today, we have brought a solution that will let you export Mail from Mac Outlook 2011 / 2016 to Thunderbird easily.

It’s a software tool that:

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  • has a simple interface
  • works offline
  • supports non-English text conversion
  • small and light
  • backed up by 24×7 customer support


There’s no other solution in the market currently that can do this job of exporting mails from Outlook 2011 / 2016 for Mac to Thunderbird better than this one. It has essentially everything that is required for successful data migration – easy interface, dedicated logic for extraction, and more.

I am talking about “OLM Extractor Pro,” that you can download right now here. Simply install it double-clicking the setup file. You can use it in a free trial mode straightaway. It doesn’t need any initial configuration setup or any activation of any sort. You can probably begin in less than two minutes. The trial mode can convert ten items from all the folders inside the OLM files that you selected for conversion. Other than that, there are no restrictions on any feature itself.

export mail from mac outlook 2011  2016 to thunderbird

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Here are some of the top features of “OLM Extractor Pro”.

Accurately Perfect

It converts everything with precision. No unwanted modification, no corruption, no defects. It keeps the fidelity of your emails intact.

Support for Non-English text

The tool can convert text in any language, be it Chinese, Japanese, English, or Hindi. It’s speciality is the dedicated logic that can even support double-byte characters like Chinese, which is a rare feature. Most tools can only support ASCII (English) characters.

Conversion in bulk

Do you have more than one OLM file? No problem. “OLM Extractor Pro” is the only file converter that can convert your multiple OLM files in a bulk without compromising any other aspects.

Contacts and Calendar

You can convert contacts and calendar entries to their dedicated file formats, VCF and ICS respectively. VCF – Virtual contact file, is a file for contacts used as a generic formats on multiple platforms and programs. ICS – is a file used natively in Cal app in Mac but is also generic for many calendar apps. You can even merge multiple contacts and calendar entries into a single VCF and ICS file respectively, per folder.

Intuitive Interface

The interface is designed with special care and attention, targeted towards non-experienced users. Every feature is intuitively understood and can be applied easily. Everything is self-explanatory.

export mail from mac outlook 2011 to thunderbird

There are countless other features that are essential in email migration but have always been missing from ordinary tools. “OLM Extractor Pro” does not; it will give you the flawless experience while exporting Mail from Outlook 2011 / 2016 for Mac to Thunderbird.

If you need help, 24×7 customer support is only a click away.

Download to Export Mail from Mac Outlook 2011 / 2016 to Thunderbird

Get it here:

export mail from mac outlook 2016 to thunderbird

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Download the setup now ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ and export mail from Mac Outlook 2011 / 2016 to Thunderbird and other file formats.


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