Convert PST to Apple Mail safe and affordable ways

Convert PST to Apple Mail

If you have been searching for safe and affordable ways to convert PST to Apple Mail, then you must be aware of the dangers related to email conversion and how careful one has to be these days to find a reliable email converter.

What is email conversion and why is it risky?

Email conversion is the process where an email user has to change the format of his email database in order to use it in a different email application that does not support the previous format. This is beneficial for email users who work on multiple computers and travel a lot.

The process of email conversion was considered risky because the previously used manual method did not offer and assurance of data safety and was dreadfully slow. However, to improve the speed and quality of results, third party email converters were created to convert PST to Apple mail. But unfortunately, due to the huge quantity of tools now floating all around, the quality of the results started falling. Now mediocre or fake tools were finding their way into the hands of inexperienced customers, and it is due to this danger that professional tools were created.

How to convert PST to Apple mail like a professional?

If you want to get flawless results from the beginning and that too without having expertise in Outlook windows to Apple mail conversion, then you should try working with the PST extractor Pro.

The PST extractor Pro

It is a professionally certified tool that was specially created by USL Software in order to help normal windows Outlook users in converting their emails from PST to Apple Mail format without losing their important email information.

convert pst to apple mail

Some of the best features of the PST Extractor Pro are listed beneath:

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  • Installs easily

    The PST Extractor Pro can be set up in under a minute and is incredibly easy to use because all it takes is a few mouse clicks to get going. Added with a wizard based interface, it becomes an enjoyable and quick process.

  • High speeds

    One of the major benefits of using the PST Extractor Pro is that it works at 20 times higher speeds than ordinary email converters. So with this tool, not only will you safely convert PST to Apple Mail, but you can save a huge amount of time.

  • Easy to operate

    This is the USP of the PST Extractor Pro. The tool is so easy to use. Even a child with basic computer skills can operate the tool without any problem. The whole process takes only minutes and is neatly divided into 3 or 4 steps. That makes it a cakewalk when compared to the complex process of other tools.

  • 100% safe

    The PST Extractor Pro is a rare tool that gives you a data protection guarantee. With an assurance of no data loss and complete data transfer. You can relax and watch your files move as you want, without missing even one.

  • Multiple PST file

    The PST Extractor Pro is the first tool that you can convert multiple PST file at once. It is due to this smart feature that you can now convert all your PST file in one go. Skip the most boring part of email migration even with the third party clients. Now you can just click and choose.

  • Preserves data hierarchy

    The PST Extractor Pro is able to ensure total data security along with a no data modification policy. The tool gives a guarantee that none of your folders will be misplaces and all files will be transported safely.


Try it for free

You can now get the PST Extractor Pro for free. Once you are satisfied, you can go ahead and make the tool yours in a very small amount. Try it for free, here:


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