MBOX to Outlook Conversion Without Enduring the Damage to the Data Fidelity

MBOX to Outlook Conversion Tool

Are you anxious about MBOX to Outlook conversion? Do not be. In this article, we’ll talk about the best way to convert your Apple Mail data to Outlook, and to do it without damaging your data fidelity.

What you need is a powerful application that can thoroughly scan the files without missing any elements. Such converters are few, but there are. One of the best in that category is called “Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software.

“Mail Extractor Pro” has come a long way from the sluggish MBOX to PST converters that you can easily find online. USL Software is one of the top companies in email migration that has always offered excellent solutions to complex problems. “Mail Extractor Pro” is definitely in that same lineup of great tools.

So, what makes it different than other tools?

1. It allows for different input methods.

You may have come here thinking of finding a decent tool to convert MBOX to Outlook, but “Mail Extractor Pro” can offer you more than that. It features ‘Auto-load’ option that can automatically detect your Apple Mail, Thunderbird & Postbox database. This means, you don’t necessarily need MBOX files. Although, you can still choose to convert MBOX to PST traditionally, but is not recommended.

MBOX to Outlook Conversion

2. User-Friendly GUI with naturally flowing step-by-step wizard

One of the most frustrating parts of most of the MBOX to Outlook conversion tools has always been poorly and carelessly designed interfaces. Email migration is a very sophisticated job, and ordinary tools with their horrible GUIs makes the task even more difficult. “Mail Extractor Pro” is different. It has perfectly natural way of interacting with its features. Even a complete novice user can use it easily.

3. Data Accuracy

The most important part of any task that deals with data that the output files is equal in all aspects from the original files. Any anomalies or differences is called data integrity loss. This is no where as big a concern as with email migration tasks, and MBOX to Outlook conversion is somewhat even bigger. Thankfully, “Mail Extractor Pro” is very apt in dealing with this issue. It has special logic that ensures no information bits are converted with defects. Everything remains intact. This includes: graphical objects, email attachments, folder hierarchy, SMTP headers, metadata, email addresses, contact fields, nested messages, and read/unread status of emails.

4. Preserving Non-English text:

Some text in non-English language uses complex encoding standards, like DBCS. DBCS is double-byte character sets, used for langauges like Chinese. It uses two bytes for a single graphical character, unlike ASCII (English) common standards that use only one byte. Many ordianry MBOX to Outlook conversion tools fail completely in converting emails with such texts. “Mail Extractor Pro” was designed keeping this limitation in mind, and USL Software employed a truly impressive framework of data extraction that doesn’t let your Chinese, Japenase, or other non-English emails lost.

In all aspects, “Mail Extractor Pro” has nothing in common with the simple MBOX to PST converters. Therefore, it doesn’t even fall in the same category. Where the other tools are file converters, “Mail Extractor Pro” is a complete Mac utility package for email migration projects, and it is quite evident from the features it offers. It doesn’t just limit itself to turning files with .mbox into .pst files, but ensures that every obstacle, every target, and every task is executed with perfection and exactly as the end user would like it.

Make sure to download the free trial version (http://www.mailextractorpro.com/) and witness the action directly.


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