Transferring Data From Outlook 2011 to Windows Live Mail

I’ve read countless number of times how difficult it is to move emails from Outlook 2011 to Windows live Mail. The technical forum that I frequently use to discuss any computer related tasks are filled with the questions about Outlook 2011 migration. And the responses are generally not too effective.

So naturally when it came to me, I was anxious and had literally no idea. The thought of going to the same forums and asking the same question felt like the worst thing I can do.

But I had no other choice. So I did ask the question about how to make the transfer as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Out of nowhere, someone recommended a tool instead of offering me the manual solutions of conversion. That was refreshing to see, and also a little intimidating. Because, let’s face it, no matter how many times we try and fail on manual methods of conversion, it is not like we are losing money. But when it comes to buying a professional tool, we all feel a slight tingling of anxiety and curiosity.

Had I been unaware of how difficult it is to follow these instructions to manually move the emails one way or other, I would have at least tried it myself and then regret it later.

But since I know what they are all about, I decided to take a shot at this tool that one of the forum community had suggested.

Luckily, there was no risk as there is a free trial version. You can download it here for free. This version will let you use all of the features as in paid version, except that when you convert Outlook 2011 to Windows Live Mail, the tool will limit the conversion to only 10 emails from each folder inside Outlook 2011.

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Olm and Eml file formats

So, where’s what you need to know in order to use it – notice that there isn’t much to know prior to start using it. That’s evidently speak of the simplicity offered by it.

  • Olm – You need Olm files to convert the data. Olm is a file format for Outlook 2011 where it stores all the content in an archived format.

    You can choose more than one Olm files and convert all of them at the same time.

  • Eml – when choosing the output format, choose “Eml” file. There is no direct and clear option for “windows Live format”.

    However, converting to .eml file will do it for you, since Eml is a popular file format used by many email clients for importing/exporting data, including Windows Live format.

Next, navigate to the location where you have stored Olm files, load them up. Choose the folders inside Olm file that you want to convert. Choose output file as .Eml, and click “convert”.

Outlook 2011 to Windows Live MailAnd that’s all there is to know. I was done with the conversions in less than 20 minutes for my 3 GB of Olm file. That makes the speed of conversion almost 7 minutes for 1 Gb, which is something very impressive. I still remember people posting on forums that it took a several hours, and still the results were incoherent.

Data incoherency or inaccuracy or lack of integrity is something you wouldn’t notice with “Olm Extractor Pro”, neither did I. Every single piece of information was properly converted without any modification.

So, do not hesitate to use it. There is a free trial version to test it. So you got nothing to lose. Click here to download it instantly.


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