Converting OLM to Mac Mail Shortened to Few Steps for non-IT experts and Everyday Users with no experience with Email Migration

How to Convert OLM to Mac Mail (Mails, Contacts, Calendars etc)

Outlook for Mac and Mac Mail are two most used email clients in Mac. And that comes as no surprise, considering they are developed by Microsoft and Apple respectively. The range of features, the GUI, and the support – all of it is impressive.

However, there is one thing relating to these email clients that is no so friendly yet. And it comes as a surprise, especially to beginners that have not faced the task ever before.

I am talking about email migration. Moving data from one email client to another. It can sometimes turn out to be quite a nightmare, if you don’t’ have any tools or experience to do it correctly. And since the actual email clients are very friendly, the email migration can be equally frustrating because the users often expect the same kind of friendliness.

Sadly, there is so far no official support from either companies. So you have to rely upon third party tools. Which is not a bad in itself. Sometimes, a third party can bring more impressive solution than the actual company involved with the migration, because email migration is not their priority for actual companies.

If you start looking for these third party tools for email migration, you may again be disappointed. Most of them offer no value. Many of them can even damage your data, along with your precious time. Fortunately, there is one tool that goes past all of these hurdles and emerges as the best, most frequently recommended tool by experts and basic users likewise.

It’s called “OLM Extractor Pro.” It does what the name says it does. It extracts the data from Mac Outlook data files (called OLM files) and it does the conversion like a ‘pro’.

convert olm to mac mail

It is developed by USL Software, which has already introduced several of top class email migration tools. Their expertise and skills and years of experience helping millions of email migrated across different email clients make them truly reliable company for this job. And “OLM Extractor Pro” didn’t disappoint in that domain.

You can download the free trial version and get started right now. The free trial version comes in the form of .dmg installer file, which can you get it without giving any information or without signing up for anything. Just click the link below and you can have the setup in few minutes.

Install it just like you install any other regular software program. Right from the first screen, you would intuitively know what to do. Even if this is your first time, you’d be surprised by the fact that everything makes intuitive sense. Do what the instructions say and keep following the graphical wizard. In about few minutes (depending on the actual size of OLM files), you would be done with an otherwise overly long and daunting job.

There is no risk. The trial version is free. And you can try out the features while actually using the tool in real time. It’s better than reading about the features, which doesn’t actually give you the real idea.

And if you find something that you may not get past, you can always contact 24×7 customer support, which responds instantly. It makes everything even more professional and easier for beginners.

And make no mistake if you are an IT expert. The real achievement of USL Software by creating “OLM Extractor Pro” is maintain the balance between the advanced features and functionality and its relative ease for non-experience users. You get both.

What are you waiting for?

Download it now and get started –

To import olm to Apple Mail, try OLM Extractor Pro today.


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