Convert OST Database to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook

Using third party tool, you can easily convert OST Database to PST. Here is the tool that recover and convert ost file into multiple file formats.

It has been a proven strategy to in a home to buy something for the entire household. This not only distributes the price, but also expands the usage. However, the greater benefit is monetary. From food to resources, we utilize this strategy every day.

Now, as there is rise in the families which comprise of professionals only, one more trend has entered this strategy. People are buying software for the usage of their entire household’s members. And now as even children have started using computer and mails, it has become compulsory to buy household license of the tool to ease the financial expenditure.

Since, everyone uses Outlook as their email client, we will deal in this article with a tool that can deal with a prominent format that works with Outlook – OST.


Well, Outlook works best because it has OST which stores mailbox offline. Everything like mail, data, calendar, notes etc. will be saved offline and can be used at convenience. This helps a lot in time when you are facing internet crunch. But once, you are online MS exchange server helps in syncing OST database to PST format and import it to Outlook.

This Outlook workflow can stop due to the following reasons:-

  • MS exchanger server gets crashed due to some malicious content, virus epidemic or malware.
  • It is brought down for maintenance issues.
  • Users account on Exchanger server is deleted accidentally.
  • OST files get corrupt due to the usual reasons of virus or malware.

At time like these, you will need to convert OST database to PST format, and then import it to Outlook to resume work. However, the task is so difficult and risky that it is not allowed to do it manually. You need to have a tool which can execute this task efficiently and bring a professional touch to the whole process.

This is why you need a tool for handling OST database.

The best tool to Convert OST Database to PST

For the most common of procedures associated with OST format like OST recovery or OST to PST conversion, we suggest an amazing tool named OST Extractor Pro by USL software. OST Extractor Pro by USL software has this amazing technology, speed and reliability which can bring peace to your OST database. It not just recovers your database entirely but convert and import it to Outlook at breathtaking pace.

convert ost database to pst

The tool comes with a simple, self-explanatory graphical user interface. This allows users to execute any OST related task without any hassle. It makes them feel good and get the work done in no time at all. The tool has the capability to convert bulk database through batch strategy. It also allows for extraction of OST files from every source imaginable and does not discriminate at all. It can convert every kind of OST file from bulk files to Meta data content like ASCII codes. The tool also caters to customers’ need of accurate folder hierarchy mapping. It leaves no stone unturned in making customers’ every OST related task a smooth and easy one.

Try Now to Convert OST Database to PST

Therefore I suggest you get OST Extractor Pro for your household right now! For now, its price is just $79 for Household and $49 for Single User. You will never get a great value for money. Hurry up!

Try it here:

Get ‘OST Extractor Pro‘ to convert OST Database to PST, MBOX, EML, Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc.


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