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If you will open your Mac Mail and go to ‘Importing data’ feature, you will notice that it doesn’t have any option for OLM format. OLM is a file used by Outlook 2011, and therefore, it is clear that it doesn’t support OLM format directly.

Users coming from Outlook 2011 client find this disappointing because they are stuck with their emails and have no way, at least no simple way, to get the emails transferred.

One obvious approach is to sync the emails to an email account and then sync it back to Apple Mail client. You can also use other cloud services to move data, but it is very slow and not all a productive technique for exporting your data.

How to Import OLM file into Mac Mail

More importantly, you’d want to export every single element from OLM file into Mac Mail. And the sync approach can often misfire and overlook many original details. This is called the loss of data integrity, and it can be the worst possible scenario that is quite painful. Who wants to make an incomplete migration of their data?

Worse still, is not being able to see this data integrity loss right away.

What happens is that the manual conversion methods (like the one stated above) can break certain parts of your original data while in transitional period. Many images don’t appear correctly or at all. The hierarchy of email folders can also get jumbled up, making the management of emails later on in Mac Mail a truly terrifying prospect. But you may not see such discontinuities right away. You may delete your original files thinking that all of it has been synced to the Apple Mail client. This is a terrifying scenario.

Other such defects easily dismiss any manual ways of moving data. It’s just not worth your time and data.

Therefore, more experienced users always choose a professional solution to import OLM file into Mac Mail, or the data in OLM file into Mac Mail. There are few unofficial tools out there that makes this a possible method, but most of them are very hard to operate and offer only a slight improvement over manual methods. Still not completely trustable solutions.

However, there is one Mac tool that might take all worries away – “OLM Extractor Pro’.

olm file into mac mail

It has dozens of new and highly improved features that deviates from the other traditional tools to make up for a worrisome migration. It eliminates the data loss, unwanted modification, and also gives you a simple way of making this into a successful project.

The UI with which you can interact with the tool has the most amount of work done by the team. This is not merely to give you a straightforward system, although that is a major part. The friendly UI plays a much bigger role into safeguarding your data integrity as well. This is done so by removing the manual inputs from the practice and automating them to make any human-errors less likely to occur.

Where other tools require you to do everything yourself, “OLM Extractor Pro” only gives options that are useful and necessary, and in some cases, important to the actual result. Much of the micro-operations are unified with the primary data extraction engine such that the majority of progress is at the back-end, leaving only a simple interface for the users as needed.

The options you have available are – choosing the OLM files to convert manually and loading them on to the tool, choosing the folders within those files for conversion, filtering folders for easy selection, ignoring and dismissing any empty folder from output, merging all contacts per folder into a single VCF file, merging all calendar entries per folder into a single ICS file, saving your read and unread emails to separate folders, and more.

This gives you a lot of flexibility into how you want your output files, without overwhelming the interface with dozens of unnecessary operations.

The primary force behind the data conversion is a dedicated algorithm that takes the data from OLM files, captures it with sharp precision, and integrates it finally into new MBOX files. This is an extreme form of modern programming that makes “OLM Extractor Pro” the favored tool of many experts.

Download to Convert OLM file Into Mac Mail

Check it out today and see all of these features directly. You can use the free trial version to further test the tool in detail.

Download it here: for converting OLM file into Mac Mail file format.

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