Convert PST to MBOX Free – “PST Extractor Pro” from USL Software Features Surprisingly Quick and Accurate Way to Convert the Files!

Convert PST to MBOX

Since PST and MBOX (data files for respectively Windows Outlook and Mac Mail) belong to two different operating systems and quite dissimilar in their structure, it can be tricky to convert PST to MBOX or vice versa. Though, MBOX is a generic file in nature now compatible with plenty of programs, PST is not. It’s a proprietary file format from Microsoft compatible only with Outlook.

Therefore, the entire process of converting PST to MBOX, and trying to convert it using free tools, can become quite hectic and tiring. For some, it can become an almost impossible feat to accomplish, since the freeware solutions have nothing to make it doable.

And if you are in the same boat (trying to move Windows Outlook data into either Mac Mail or Thunderbird), you must be anxious too. And you should be. Most traditional software applications can make it extremely tricky and complicated.

But, if you are came here looking for a proficient PST to MBOX converter, you won’t be disappointed. USL Software has developed a Mac compatible tool that will let you convert your files with relative ease, speed, and a much better precision that any of the other typical converters.

“PST Extractor Pro” – Convert PST to MBOX in a best possible way!

“PST Extractor Pro” is brought to you by USL Software, and it’s the only tool that converts PST to MBOX safely. It doesn’t deliver inaccuracy output files. It doesn’t result in integrity errors, partially converted components, or any such painful defects.

convert pst to mbox

The inner workings of “PST Extractor Pro” is rather sophisticated and developed by USL Software with a smart and logical manner. The dedicated logic for each and every item inside the files are properly handled by the system, captured and converted with precision. That’s why you will never see any loss of folder hierarchy, damaged images, or such defects.

This problem is called loss of fidelity or the fragmentation of metadata and is the biggest concern for anyone that requires to convert their PST files to MBOX files. However, with the help of “PST Extractor Pro,” this is no longer going to be an issue.

Perfect tool to convert PST to MBOX

It also features some of the essential features that were never previously available with ordinary solutions. Essentials like converting files in bulk, readable conversion log, filtering folders before conversion and manually selecting them, or limiting the size of output MBOX files –  all of these were huge limitations of successfully migrate the data. But with the progressive framework employed in “PST Extractor Pro,” you can now do all of these things and get significantly better results in all departments of the concerned email migration task.

The tool features full support for converting the data in bulk, for converting non-English characters (like double-byte characters used in Chinese language), for letting you manage the folders before converting, for managing the size of output files and splitting them if they get too large, and so on.

It’s a tool built to perfection, without anything missing or overlooked.

Also, you will get the full support from the 24×7 staff by USL Software to help you with queries or any other problems.

Download to convert pst to mbox

You can try “PST Extractor Pro” without buying it. Download the setup below, install, and check out the features in its free trial mode.

Get it here:

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To convert PST to MBOX, get ‘PST Extractor Pro


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