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OST to MBOX Converter (For Mac & Windows)

Email migration tools, especially the ones that are dealing with files that correspond to dissimilar operating systems (Mac and Windows, for instance). It can be incredibly hard to use and inefficient. To extract contents from email data files is a complex and intricate process. And it requires correct algorithms and dedicated logic for your items. Unfortunately, very few software applications can handle that with proficiency.

Today, we are going to talk about one such application that meets your expectations. Also we will check all the criteria for a successful email migration tools. It has the features that are necessary for any software in general, like easy interface, support, free of glitches, and such. But it also offers dedicated and unique features necessary for a complex email migration task.

OST to MBOX Conversion in Mac & Windows

The email migration that we are going to be talking about is OST to MBOX conversion in Mac. Both OST and MBOX are data files used respectively with Windows Outlook and Mac Mail. And they are vary from each other in variety of ways, making data extraction complex. But the tool that we are going to be talking about is efficient in ensuring everything is converted cleanly and without missing elements.

It’s called “OST Extractor Pro,” offered by USL Software.

OST to MBOX Converter Tool

“OST Extractor Pro” is a full software utility for Mac that allows conversion of OST files into multiple formats that you can choose from, including MBOX, EML, Entourage, Thunderbird, and Postbox.

ost to mbox converter

Many users both basic and experts have recommended OST Extractor Pro over any other OST to MBOX converter for Mac or Windows due to several reasons. As difficult as the job appears to be, this utility from USL Software has certainly made a significant reduce in stress relating to data integrity loss and more by advanced programming and features. Let’s talk about few of those reasons why “OST Extractor Pro” is the most popular OST to MBOX converter tool:

  • It gives users freedom to convert files in bulk without risking the quality. Like accuracy, speed, or compromising with other features.
  • “OST Extractor Pro” is also the only converter that fully supports the conversion of non-English text characters (like Chinese or Korean) without exceptions. It has a dedicated logic to deal with Unicode, ASCII, UTF-8, or DBCS characters and convert such emails with precision.
  • The tool runs in Mac smoothly without any glitches and errors. There’s no constant freezing or crashes like with other OST to MBOX converters for Mac.
  • The tool projects the folder hierarchy from OST to MBOX correctly. Most tools often modify the structure in irreversible ways, making it a painful job to manage you emails after conversion. Not so much a problem anymore with “OST Extractor Pro.”

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