Microsoft OST to PST Converter, that works on Mac and Win!

Expectations from a Microsoft OST to PST Converter include handling large database, accurate conversion, ease of usage and a lot more. After catering all the above need, the converter tool should also have an attractive license that meets the business needs.

But if the same converter tool can cater to your individual needs as well, then it makes the tool very versatile in usage. Finding a converter tool that does it all can be very tricky. This article saves you all the trouble. It introduces you to one such tool, that caters the organizational as well as your induvial needs.

Microsoft OST to PST Converter

The truth is that it can be a long and very hard search quest to find such a tool in the market. The rarity of the features required for such a tool is met by only one of the few tools present in the market.

OST and PST are the two wheels on which Outlook runs. OST helps Outlook with internal operations of the application. It helps you work in offline format. Once, the connection is set up back again, the format syncs up all the data with the server. The problem with OST format is that it more vulnerable and fragile.

It is more prone to errors and bugs. This usually leads to damaged backups. Therefore, you need an Microsoft OST to PST converter that can easily convert all of your data to PST while recovering the damaged data.

OST Extractor Pro from USL Software provides you with everything that you need. The tool caters to the needs of large organizations very well. It provides you with such power, precision and accuracy that it converts large databases without any problems and complications.

Microsoft OST to PST Converter

Exceptional Accuracy

Conversion accuracy of any converter tool plays a very vital role in the conversion process. Be it large organizational databases or smaller individual databases, higher conversion accuracy of the tool helps in achieving better results.

With this Microsoft OST to PST tool you get access to exceptional conversion accuracy. The accuracy of the tool helps you get the best out of your conversion process. It converts everything present in your input database files. The algorithms supported by this Microsoft OST to PST converter are powerful enough to convert everything ranging from the smallest of details to the most complex data type present in your input file.

Thus providing you with a flawless conversion process.

User Friendly Interface

The interface of the tool makes it very easy for you to carry out the conversion process. The interface of the tool is simple, elegant and provides you with all the necessary support to carry out the conversion process.

The tool provides you with required instructions and guidance that you need to follow to get everything right. For user with or without any experience, these instructions act as guidelines to a complete conversion process.

Try it before you buy it

Microsoft OST to PST Converter Tool

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