Transfer Data from Thunderbird to Outlook

Want to transfer data from Thunderbird to Outlook? End your search with Mail Extractor Pro

Although, email conversion might be a new domain for you, it isn’t at all an uncommon concept if you start looking around. Shifting from one email client to another, when such kaleidoscopic options are available, seems almost inescapable. Thereby, if you too have decided to make a change in your email preferences then let Mail Extractor Pro be your guarding angel.

transfer data from Thunderbird to Outlook

Easy Way to Transfer Data from Thunderbird to Outlook

It is a comprehensive email conversion tool designed to cater to the needs of multiple email clients. For email conversions from clients like MBOX, Postbox, Thunderbird, and Apple mail to Outlook, this is the most suitable tool. Undoubtedly, Mail Extractor Pro will help you strike out data transfer from Thunderbird to Outlook job from your to-do list in the most efficient way possible.

Mail Extractor Pro – 10 points that you must know about the best converter for transferring data from Thunderbird to Outlook

transfer Thunderbird to Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro is a fusion of multiple features that are greatly responsible for its successful run in the market. It is therefore imperative that a user understand these features before using this tool to transfer data from Thunderbird to Outlook.

#1 Offers multiple conversions

As mentioned earlier, this tool is not only capable of transferring data from Thunderbird to Outlook but also from Apple mail, MBOX, and Postbox to Outlook. It is basically a one stop conversion tool for getting files transferred to Outlook.

#2 Works for both Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook

The converted files are capable of being used in both Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook.

#3 Extracts the data automatically

With this tool’s amazing capabilities, the users can simple delegate the complicated data extraction job to this tool. Mail Extractor Pro proficiently extracts every single speck of the data without any user involvement.

#4 Conversions at warp speed

The data transfer from Thunderbird to Outlook gets completed swiftly. A few lightning fast steps of the conversion process lead straight to the results in just a few minutes time.

#5 Precise results

With such high rated features, it is but obvious that the results would be stellar. There is nothing about the final files that can be flawed. The tool essentially creates the replicas of the original content.

#6 Special Unicode support for non-English content

A unique service that only Mail Extractor Pro offers is the perfect conversion of non-English content. It has special algorithms that help in decoding the Unicode for non-English languages like Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, etc while transferring data from Thunderbird to Outlook.

#7 Smart filters

The tool offers multiple customization options such as setting up of PST file size, ignorance of empty folders, etc.

#8 Completely bug-free

The tool is completely bug-free that further helps in boosting the overall user experience.

#9 Comes with a great user-friendly interface

The tool has a simple GUI that can be naturally understood by an average user. The process too is extremely simple to follow.

#10 Affordable

Mail Extractor Pro lets you transfer data from Thunderbird to Outlook at prices that no other Thunderbird to Outlook Converter tool offers. Not only this but also it offers a free trial version. Click on the link to download your copy now!


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