How to transfer Gmail emails to Outlook 365

Educate yourself on how to transfer Gmail emails to Outlook 365 with the FAQs for Mail Extractor Pro!

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Transfer Gmail Emails to Outlook 365

If we talk about email conversions, these have become quite a widespread phenomenon these days. Naturally, there are an increasing number of users who wish to gain more awareness regarding its different aspects. Email converter tools are the direct route to these and today, we shall be discussing how to transfer Gmail emails to Outlook 365 with the help of the best tool- Mail Extractor Pro.

transfer Gmail emails to Outlook 365

Q. Are there any prerequisites to transfer Gmail emails to Outlook 365?

A. The requirement to transfer Gmail emails to Outlook 365 is the major prerequisite for this process. Besides that, the users must have a Gmail archive present with them. It is extremely easy to concoct these archives as Google has it all laid out in the most constructive way. Users can use Google Takeout to create these archives with just two clicks. And that is about it.

With the Gmail archives ready, the users can directly use Mail Extractor Pro to transfer Gmail emails to Outlook 365.

It can also convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST for Mac/Win Outlook.

transfer Gmail to Outlook 365

Q. How can I get the license key of this tool to transfer Gmail emails to Outlook 365?

A. Getting the license key for Mail Extractor Pro is extremely simple. The users must select the version of the tool they wish to get. After registration and payment formalities, the license key, which is indispensable to make use of this tool, is made available to the user via email.

In order to utilize the full features of this tool, the users must copy the information from the mail and paste it in the relevant spot on the interface of the tool. This will facilitate optimal use of the tool without any interruptions.

Q. What is the role of Mail Extractor Pro in transferring Gmail emails to Outlook 365?

A. Mail Extractor Pro plays a huge role in enabling the user to convert Google Takeout to Outlook 365. From the beginning till the end, this tool supports the users in entirety. It gives easy filters and customization options to let the users design their transfers to their satisfaction.

Further, it drastically cuts down the time that is otherwise taken to transfer Google emails to Outlook 365 via ordinary methods.

If we turn our attention to the output of this tool, the files are absolutely stunning in their semblance as well as internal structure. There is no data modification and the complete information gets transformed in the most affirmatively.

Elements such as contacts, calendars, attachments, etc as well as the sub elements get transferred from Gmail MBOX to Outlook for Mac or Windows.

Gmail to Outlook 365

All in all, it can be stated with utmost confidence that Mail Extractor Pro is the pioneer that helps everyone alike to convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX to PST (for Mac & Win Outlook).


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