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OST recovery is an intimidating task. The task should not be attempted manually as it can harm your database even more. It is always recommended that a tool should be used for the process. Therefore, this article has been written to inform you about that one tool which can bring you salvation in the process of OST recovery.

First, let’s begin with understanding the format itself.

OST format simplified

OST is a component of Outlook which allows us to save our mail database offline. We can edit all our mailbox content offline. Therefore, this has been hugely popular among professionals. However, the drawback associated with the tool is that because it has been made for offline usage, it does not have that strong buildup, like for example its brother PST. It is weak and vulnerable.

Since, OST is a weak format, it always falls prey to virus and malware attack. We need multiple layers of security for this format. Since this database is so important and will likely be lost corrupt or damaged, it is always a safe step to get an OST recovery tool beforehand. This tool will be handy when such damage occurs and your workflow will not be hindered.

To make it clear, by OST recovery we also mean a tool which will convert OST files to PST format, because that is how it is imported in Outlook, and used. What is the use of recovering files that we cannot make use of? No us at all. Therefore the tool needs to be a good converter tool too.

One such tool is OST Extractor Pro by USL software.

ost recovery

OST Recovery Tool

OST Extractor Pro is a state-of-the-art tool by USL software. The company has been known for its mail converter tools. It has an impeccable line of email converter tools with amazing records. One such is OST Extractor Pro.

Numerous powerful and strong features are there in OST Extractor Pro. It has amazing technology, lightning speed and an exhilarating ease to it. The tool can recover OST files from all sources. It knows the anatomy of modern mails and does not leave anything behind. From nested mails, to attachments to images embedded in mails, everything is recovered and converted.

OST Recovery Tool

OST Extractor Pro can convert bulk OST database like that of a company. It has a lightning speed of up to 10 GB of database conversion in 10 minutes. The OST Recovery tool employs batch strategy which is the most advanced technology of today. It also preserves folder hierarchy which helps in the post conversion process. This is how OST Extractor Pro renders an OST recovery process complete.

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Get the OST Recovery Tool

The benefit associated with this tool is that you can download for free. Yes, no joking. The tool is free to download, but with limitations. The free demo version has all the features of license version of OST Extractor Pro. It can be used to gain trust in the tool before one decides to invest in it.

Get this tool right now for your ost recovery.


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