Try the OST extractor Pro: A fail-proof solution that really works!

Since OST to PST conversion has become an inseparable part of email management, there is a huge demand for tools which can import OST to PST. This is why you can find so many tools on the internet which claim to do this.

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you tried these tools?

Most users who have tried online and free tools from the internet have cautioned against using them since they don’t come with any safety features. They have no background or backing to protect your email data. So before using any online tool that asks you to submit your data to a website, think twice.

Now that you are aware of the danger of temptation, let us get to the real solution

You might have heard the professional tools are the best solution to migrate OST to PST. This is true but there is a catch. You need to find the right tool for yourself. This process is mostly trial and error for most users because professional tools can be complex to use and also a bit expensive. Fortunately, there is a particular tool which has been tried and tested by thousands of users.

It is the OST extractor Pro by USL software

This certified tool works at high speeds and has been created to streamline the process of OST to PST migration. You no longer need to be an expert to use this tool effectively for accurate results. Everything is taken care of by the user interface. You are given step by step instructions to ensure that you are not confused at any point during the conversion.

ost extractor pro

It comes loaded with powerful features which make it the best tool out there

Here are the top benefits of using this tool

Bulk conversions

You can load multiple files at once if you want to migrate your entire database together.

Inbuilt mail viewer

With the inbuilt mail viewer, you can easily view email items that you are going to convert.

Filter item facility

You can filter out the email items or folders that you don’t want to convert. This also includes empty folders.

Data preservation efficiency

The tool leaves out nothing. You can preserve all contacts, calendars, tasks, attachments, folder hierarchy, Unicode files, profile info, read unread status and meta data. This is why the results are 100% accurate.

Data safety assurance

The greatest benefit of this tool is data safety. This is the only tool which is so easy to use and yet gives 100% data safety assurance to all the users.

Loads OST from multiple sources

There is no limitation on OST compatibility. You can load OST files from Outlook 2007-2019, Exchange 5.0-2017 and Office 365.

User interface

The User interface of the tool is its real USP. With step by step instructions, you don’t have to worry about getting confused.

On top of all this, you get 24*7 support by a dedicated team of experts.

You should definitely try the free demo of this tool to see how it performs

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