Transfer Olm files to Pst – A Tool with improved features!

Simplifying for its users the entire process of transferring OLM files to PST, the newest features in USL software OLM extractor Max is blessing in disguise for every user. This tool has made the process of OLM to PST conversion quite short and uncomplicated in comparison to the traditional process. It transfers OLM files in no time while ensuring complete accuracy throughout the process.

olm files to pst

The users can count upon it to provide safe and accountable transfer of OLM files to PST. Moreover to ensure that users do no face any trouble while transferring OLM files to PST step by step instructions are provided throughout the process. Thus with the help of this tool even a beginner would be able to transfer OLM to PST effortlessly.

Transfer OLM files to PST faster with this tool

This tool ensures to transfer OLM files to PST at a lightning fast speed. Moreover, this tool provides you the facility to extract from OLM files to PST mails, contacts, calendars etc. It also provides you the facility to transfer emails files in bulk. The folders are taken up in bulk, converted at a rate comparatively faster than your expectations. Every kind of user is going to find this technique useful since saving time is everyone’s priority. You can also choose the folders you want to convert, keeping the folders you do not want to convert unmarked.

Transfer non-English languages as effortlessly as English folders

Does the thought of transferring OLM files to PST which are not in the English language put you in confusion? This tool has eliminated non-English languages as a cause of trouble, since it is Unicode compatible. Pertaining to this feature is also its ability to recognize texts using double-byte characters and thus convert files in languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Moreover after completion of the process of transferring emails this tool ensures to maintain the hierarchy of data and keeps it intact.

Tightened security whenever you transfer OLM to PST available automatically

To whoever is facing issues while they transferring OLM files to PST, this tool is the perfect choice for you. It can take care of problems related to transferring email; it shortens the amount of time required for conversion usually and provides spotless transfer results.

Moreover it take absolute care of safety and security of data.  It has got several specializations which serve all kinds of users and make it a universally applicable tool.

So what are you waiting for?

Install the trial version of this tool by clicking on the link given below. You get access to its exclusive features for a limited period of time. This would certainly be amazed to see the speed, safety and precision with which this tool performs the process of transferring emails. You can also upgrade to the full version of this tool at a very reasonable price.

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