Perfect Thunderbird to PST conversion with this fantastic software!

Those who need to convert Thunderbird to PST need not rely on freeware or any other shortcuts, Mail Extractor Pro by USL software can provide you with the service you want at a reasonable price.

It manages to provide every user with the sort of mail conversion and associated services they want with its several inbuilt features. It can be used over all sorts of data, so instances of incomplete or insufficient conversion are unheard of in this case.

Thunderbird to PST

The tool is designed to convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, EML and EMLX to PST file format.

Reliable method to convert Thunderbird to PST that is also quite user-friendly

The people who are going to migrate Thunderbird to PST for the first time can always lean on this software to provide them the perfect mail conversion experience. Its interface is quite user-friendly. And the tool can guide the users to the conversion quite conveniently with just a few simple steps. It is also secure for all sorts of data. So there is a guarantee of error-free, complete data conversion for its users.

Saves considerable amount of time

When converting thunderbird to PST in the usual way, one has to repeat the same process several times for different files. That would not be the case here, since this software can in fact convert multiple files at once. Not only does it save one from the repetitiveness, it also saves a huge amount of time for the users.

Splits large files into small ones

If you stumble across a PST file that is too large and would be inconvenient in the conversion. You can let this software split it into smaller portions. This feature works automatically and thus keeps the process smooth and fast without complications.

convert thunderbird to pst

Recognizes all sorts of data

It can be a complicated affair to convert mails considering the variety of data they might contain. This software can easily recognize all of them. There is no question of  the conversion going incomplete or any such complication. It works excellently well with even languages like japanese, chinese and korean as it is compatible with double-byte characters.

Metadata contains tiny details like subject, read/unread status, this software keeps them secure. Attachments and nested messages are also kept secure by this software. So, the user would not have to face the loss of even a bit of data.

Converts data in the mac itself

Several brands might claim to convert Thunderbird to PST in the mac itself. But it is only this software that actually complies. By converting data directly in the mac, it saves several minutes. Also, one ends up having a much simpler Thunderbird data conversion process than usually possible.

Arranges files in perfect sequence

It will keep the files and folders in perfect order by this software. So one does not have to waste any time when they need a particular file. The folders and subfolders are arranged sequentially, so one does not have to do that by oneself either.

You are free to try this software without paying for it. Click on the link below to get the free trial version right now.

Thunderbird to PST Conversion

‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is a Mac Application to convert MBOX, EML, Mac Mail, Postbox, Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail to PST file format.


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