Thunderbird MBOX to PST Converter for Mac!

Users of Mail Extractor Pro by USL software would not have to be dependent on any manual method, it makes the process entirely automatic and also enviably smooth. To convert Thunderbird MBOX to PST one just has to install this software, select the mail client and follow the instructions being provided by the interface. Note that the interface of this software is quite intuitive and user friendly and the wizard is simple. Thus, it is designed for all groups of users and for various types of settings.

Thunderbird MBOX to PST

The best Thunderbird MBOX to PST converter software

To convert Thunderbird MBOX to PST ought not be a difficult task loaded with steps that only a professional can employ. That is the mind-set with which this software has been manufactured. It is also quite safe for all types of data, anyone can use it with full assurance of the safety of their data throughout. It has  a bunch of key features that set it apart from any ordinary mail converter.

Carries the task directly in the mac

Usually one has to move the data to the windows device to convert the data. That is not the case here, one can convert their files in just a few simple steps using this software, entirely skipping the part where they have to transfer the data to windows.

Auto-selection of input files

To make the process simpler the facility of automatic loading of data has been provided. One does not have to manually select each file from the database. All they have to do is to select the mail client from which they  want to convert the data, the files would be automatically chosen and sent for the conversion.

Splits large pst files

Output files that are too large in size can pose quite a problem since it is inconvenient when importing them to windows outlook. One can avoid that problem completely by setting the size they find appropriate for the output files. This saves one from a lot of headache in the future. Not to mention, the software also ignores empty  files automatically.

Capable of  converting files containing double-byte characters

Double-byte characters can be inconvenient in the smooth conversion of data if the software being used is not compatible with non-English languages. This Thunderbird to PST conversion software on the other hand can recognize even languages that use double-byte characters, so converting files that are in languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean is no big deal.

Batch conversion saves chunks of time

To make sure that you do not have to repeat the process of Thunderbird MBOX to PST migration over and over again this software provides the facility of bulk conversion. In this feature one gets to convert several files in a single batch. This is incredibly time-saving and also smooth when it comes to mail conversion.

Safe to use

Users would not have to face slowing of the conversion of freezing as this software is free of bugs. It is completely safe for all sorts of data.

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