Postbox to Outlook 365 conversion, All you need to know

Extracting and converting Postbox files into PST format can be a tedious task. But this tedious task does not stay tedious anymore. The new tool known as the Mail Extractor Pro helps you convert Post Box to Outlook 365 like a pro.

The developers of the software understand where the common user faces difficulty while making the conversion. Keeping all these difficulties in mind the developers have come up with this tool to make life easier for the people using this tool.

Convert Postbox to Outlook 365 like a pro

One of the biggest concerns that I assume most of the people must be facing is losing out on important data. If you are a person who has a number of emails coming and going each day then losing out on data is something that you would not want. Mail Extractor Pro helps you convert all the metadata and double bytes data without causing any loss of your important database. You can export Postbox to Outlook 365 with absolute accuracy.

Mail Extractor Pro can convert Postbox, Thunderbird, Apple Mail and MBOX to PST for Outlook for Mac & Windows.

postbox to outlook 365

No limitation for file size

No matter how large files you must be dealing with the Mail Extractor Pro is excellent in converting files in batches. Also, it gives you the freedom to select the size of your output PST file. This means you can cut the output PST files into small segments which you find comfort in importing.

Ignores the empty folders

Also many times there are many empty folders that are in the postbox mail domains. With Mail Extractor Pro you do not have to worry about these empty folders. It takes care of all search folders and neglects the empty folders and only focuses on the folders that have data in it. This helps consume less time and makes the Postbox to Outlook 365 conversion efficient and effective.

Preserves folder hierarchy and other related data

When you are converting your files from one domain to another client domain it is very important that the hierarchy of the folders is maintained. Mail Extractor Pro has this feature to maintain the hierarchy of folders. This way all your files get converted in the same format and hierarchy as they were on the original client mail domain.

No errors or performance issues

Over the website, it also claims that the tools are bug-free. I had already used many tools earlier for converting my emails from one domain to another but I never came across a software which did not freeze on working. Many times I also had to reload the entire process and go through the extraction process which used to be really frustrating for me. But with Mail Extractor Pro I did not face any such issues. It was a surprise for me to see that the software actually offered what is inscribed on its website.

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A free trial for Postbox to Outlook 365 Conversion

I initially was sceptical about using this tool but it offered me a trial version to extract my files. In the free trial version, it did not limit me to any of its features but give me a full access to the complete application. This made the software a good buy for me and I picked up the standard plan for it right away.

I have converted my postbox to Outlook 365 like a pro and would recommend it to all the users who are looking for such solutions for switching from one client domain to another. To download the free trial now, click here.


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