Import Mac Mail to Thunderbird Quick and Easy

Import Mac Mail to Thunderbird fast and reliably using “Mail Extractor Max,” a Mac based software application that runs based on advanced logic and script, tailored to convert all sorts of different data components from Mac Mail.

Import Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Mail Extractor Max” has a secret trick up their sleeve through which they offer far better accuracy than any other Mac Mail to Thunderbird converter.

The tool can directly convert data from the profile database directory of Mac Mail, which means, it doesn’t need any raw data files such as EMLX. Converting these raw data files like EMLX is how most converters function. You need to manually look for these files in your Mac Mail directory and then load them on to the tool. But that’s not the case with “Mail Extractor Max“.

import mac mail to thunderbird

Using direct-to-source approach, the tool can function with better accuracy. And outputs files that have same data and the structure as was with original (input) Mac Mail database.

Another feature that separates it from other ordinary solutions is the interface.

It is very important for an email migration tool to have multiple options. Otherwise the results can be not what you wanted. With these options, you can control the aspects of the conversion. But implementing these features so can make the interface look cluttered.

But “Mail Extractor Max” has a smart use of its interface space that allows for both functionality and simplicity. It is indeed equipped with all essential options but doesn’t overwhelm the users or turn its focus away.

“Mail Extractor Max” also has the following features:

  1. It is too quick. Through the use of fast scripts that runs without hiccups, the tool is able to smoothly process information and resulting in fast conversion rate.
  2. It supports non-English text conversion as well, especially characters like Chinese. They are complicated for an email migration tool because they use DBCS characters. But “Mail Extractor Max” had dedicated algorithms to make sure any non-English text isn’t lost in translation.
  3. It gives you full control over what folders you want to convert or not. The manual folder selection makes it possible to avoid any unwanted folders to Thunderbird database, as opposed to forcefully and unnecessarily convert the entire database.
  4. It also lets you convert your Mac Mail database to Entourage, Outlook Mac, Thunderbird, Postbox, and files like MBOX and EML.
  5. The tool generates a brief and detailed conversion log at the end. This comes in handy if you have a large database to convert. It gives full log about the files converted, their path, and any errors if any.
  6. There’s 24×7 customer support to assist you through any means necessary.

mac mail to thunderbird

Get it to import Mac Mail to Thunderbird

Download the trial setup now and check it out –

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Mail Extractor Max” has the easiest approach to import Mac Mail to Thunderbird and you will instantly see that once you install it and start interacting with it through its smart UI.

OST to MBOX Converter free Download – Everything in an Email Migration Tool That You’d Expect!

OST to MBOX Converter (For Mac & Windows)

Email migration tools, especially the ones that are dealing with files that correspond to dissimilar operating systems (Mac and Windows, for instance). It can be incredibly hard to use and inefficient. To extract contents from email data files is a complex and intricate process. And it requires correct algorithms and dedicated logic for your items. Unfortunately, very few software applications can handle that with proficiency.

Today, we are going to talk about one such application that meets your expectations. Also we will check all the criteria for a successful email migration tools. It has the features that are necessary for any software in general, like easy interface, support, free of glitches, and such. But it also offers dedicated and unique features necessary for a complex email migration task.

OST to MBOX Conversion in Mac & Windows

The email migration that we are going to be talking about is OST to MBOX conversion in Mac. Both OST and MBOX are data files used respectively with Windows Outlook and Mac Mail. And they are vary from each other in variety of ways, making data extraction complex. But the tool that we are going to be talking about is efficient in ensuring everything is converted cleanly and without missing elements.

It’s called “OST Extractor Pro,” offered by USL Software.

OST to MBOX Converter Tool

“OST Extractor Pro” is a full software utility for Mac that allows conversion of OST files into multiple formats that you can choose from, including MBOX, EML, Entourage, Thunderbird, and Postbox.

ost to mbox converter

Many users both basic and experts have recommended OST Extractor Pro over any other OST to MBOX converter for Mac or Windows due to several reasons. As difficult as the job appears to be, this utility from USL Software has certainly made a significant reduce in stress relating to data integrity loss and more by advanced programming and features. Let’s talk about few of those reasons why “OST Extractor Pro” is the most popular OST to MBOX converter tool:

  • It gives users freedom to convert files in bulk without risking the quality. Like accuracy, speed, or compromising with other features.
  • “OST Extractor Pro” is also the only converter that fully supports the conversion of non-English text characters (like Chinese or Korean) without exceptions. It has a dedicated logic to deal with Unicode, ASCII, UTF-8, or DBCS characters and convert such emails with precision.
  • The tool runs in Mac smoothly without any glitches and errors. There’s no constant freezing or crashes like with other OST to MBOX converters for Mac.
  • The tool projects the folder hierarchy from OST to MBOX correctly. Most tools often modify the structure in irreversible ways, making it a painful job to manage you emails after conversion. Not so much a problem anymore with “OST Extractor Pro.”

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Get OST to MBOX Converter free Download

Get the trial setup here:

You can download it below instantly. No sign-up necessary. You don’t’ need to give any information. Just get the file, double-click on it and install. You can begin using it in a free trial mode (without activation) in just a few minutes.

PST to MBOX Converter Free Download – Only Mac Based Tool to Convert Windows Native PST File!

PST to MBOX converter free download from USL Software called “PST Extractor Pro” is the only Mac based app to convert a file that’s native on Windows for Outlook. All other solutions are Windows based.

That makes sense on the surface, but if you will find out more about it, you will realize that Windows converters aren’t the best. Mac OS X environment offers some benefits when it comes to data extraction and migration, even if data is to be extracted from a file that is associated with Windows Outlook.

PST to MBOX Converter Free Download

Get it here:

Today, we are discussing the first and the only Mac compatible PST to MBOX converter that you can download right now for free in a trial mode.

The tool is officially dubbed as “PST Extractor Pro,” and the name is self-explanatory to what the tool does. It extracts data from the PST files and converts it into output format as MBOX. It has a lot to offer you to make this job easy and effective then most other converter in this category does.

PST to MBOX Converter Free Download

Key fact about PSt to MBOX Converter

PST Extractor Pro” runs through the files deep and doesn’t miss any item or piece of information.

It is also known for its very simple interface, which makes it possible for users with no experience or technical information to make it very straightforward and effortless to convert the files. The friendly interface with clear instructions will lead you towards the successful data migration in easy steps.

Secondly, the batch conversion ability allows for large-scale migration projects to be done with considerable ease without affecting the performance. Most of the ordinary tools don’t make it into that realm where they can handle the large-files in bulk without minimizing the performance.

Thirdly, “PST Extractor Pro” also offers multiple options that give some freedom on how you want to convert the data. For example, you can set the maximum size limit for the output MBOX files so they don’t get too large, which can be problem when importing them. The tool also lets you merge all contacts per folder into a single VCF file and all calendar entries per folder into a single ICS file.

Here are few of its more impressive functionalities

  • It converts languages that are otherwise tricky to convert, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • It maps the folders to output MBOX format with correct structure
  • Save read/unread emails to separate folders

NOTE: The tool can also convert PST files to other formats such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage, and more.

PST to MBOX Converter Free Download for Evalution

There are many other features that you can best find out through trying out a free trial version. Use the link below to download it now.

Web Link:

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PST to MBOX Converter Free Download helps you to convert PST file to MBOX file format – PSt Extractor Pro.

Move from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail using “OLM Extractor Pro”

How to Move from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

Are you thinking of switching to Apple Mail from Outlook 2011? Then you might have to consider how you are going to transfer all your data correctly.

If you yet haven’t tried any other method, you are lucky. You can directly try “OLM Extractor Pro” and avoid all the complications that other tools and manual methods bring to the table.

Email migration is rarely a simple task. It involves two majorly different data files and the conventional converters fail to effective deal with the job of data extraction. Files used by Outlook 2011 and Apple Mail (OLM and MBOX respectively) are some of the most complex files that requires dedicated professional algorithms to convert. Ordinary converters don’t have that.

Manual techniques such as dragging and dropping folders, or trying IMAP sync method, are all even worse. They take longer time to complete the migration, and even then, the output can be quite defective. You might observe defects like missing images, damaged folder hierarchy, broken non-English text, and such.

Move from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail with ‘OLM Extractor Pro’

“OLM Extractor Pro” offers the relief in such a complex and painful job. It is being developed by USL Software and has no such problems. Its central conversion engine works its way deeper into OLM files than any other converter, resulting in clean and precise export. You can expect everything, even the tiniest detail, accurate converted from Outlook 2011 OLM files to Apple Mail MBOX files.

Move from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

USL Software is known for their thorough quality check before publishing a tool. This has earned them a reputed name, especially when it comes to email migration. All their applications are highly precise in dealing with your sensitive and complicated data forms. It’s crucial in email migration that the tool is thoroughly tested to avoid any form of data loss and corruption. “OLM Extractor Pro” comes from the same team.

How it works

Another great quality that USL Software imported into “OLM Extractor Pro” is its ability to be easily operated by non-experienced users. It works great with IT advanced users in a workplace type environment, where the OLM Files to convert are huge and multiple. But it also suits perfectly for home users’ needs. It’s intuitive graphical user-interface allows for smooth migration without diluting its power and performance. Anyone can start using it right from the first moment you launch it from your applications list in Mac.

And, this is achieved without compromising with the advanced and sophisticated functionless that is usually beneficial in a larger projects.

Such as: Batch conversion. The special programming makes it the only tool that can handle large OLM Files conversion into MBOX without any instability or compromising the data accuracy.

There is also a full folder preview and selection feature that allows you to see before conversion the contents of your OLM files that you selected. You can tick the checkboxes next to the folder to include them in output files; or untick them to dismiss them from output.

Download to Move from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

Full conversion report allows IT users to carefully analyze the process in detail to get the best out of the tool the second time.

Check the free trial version now at

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Get ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ today to move from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail.

Convert PST to MBOX Free – “PST Extractor Pro” from USL Software Features Surprisingly Quick and Accurate Way to Convert the Files!

Convert PST to MBOX

Since PST and MBOX (data files for respectively Windows Outlook and Mac Mail) belong to two different operating systems and quite dissimilar in their structure, it can be tricky to convert PST to MBOX or vice versa. Though, MBOX is a generic file in nature now compatible with plenty of programs, PST is not. It’s a proprietary file format from Microsoft compatible only with Outlook.

Therefore, the entire process of converting PST to MBOX, and trying to convert it using free tools, can become quite hectic and tiring. For some, it can become an almost impossible feat to accomplish, since the freeware solutions have nothing to make it doable.

And if you are in the same boat (trying to move Windows Outlook data into either Mac Mail or Thunderbird), you must be anxious too. And you should be. Most traditional software applications can make it extremely tricky and complicated.

But, if you are came here looking for a proficient PST to MBOX converter, you won’t be disappointed. USL Software has developed a Mac compatible tool that will let you convert your files with relative ease, speed, and a much better precision that any of the other typical converters.

“PST Extractor Pro” – Convert PST to MBOX in a best possible way!

“PST Extractor Pro” is brought to you by USL Software, and it’s the only tool that converts PST to MBOX safely. It doesn’t deliver inaccuracy output files. It doesn’t result in integrity errors, partially converted components, or any such painful defects.

convert pst to mbox

The inner workings of “PST Extractor Pro” is rather sophisticated and developed by USL Software with a smart and logical manner. The dedicated logic for each and every item inside the files are properly handled by the system, captured and converted with precision. That’s why you will never see any loss of folder hierarchy, damaged images, or such defects.

This problem is called loss of fidelity or the fragmentation of metadata and is the biggest concern for anyone that requires to convert their PST files to MBOX files. However, with the help of “PST Extractor Pro,” this is no longer going to be an issue.

Perfect tool to convert PST to MBOX

It also features some of the essential features that were never previously available with ordinary solutions. Essentials like converting files in bulk, readable conversion log, filtering folders before conversion and manually selecting them, or limiting the size of output MBOX files –  all of these were huge limitations of successfully migrate the data. But with the progressive framework employed in “PST Extractor Pro,” you can now do all of these things and get significantly better results in all departments of the concerned email migration task.

The tool features full support for converting the data in bulk, for converting non-English characters (like double-byte characters used in Chinese language), for letting you manage the folders before converting, for managing the size of output files and splitting them if they get too large, and so on.

It’s a tool built to perfection, without anything missing or overlooked.

Also, you will get the full support from the 24×7 staff by USL Software to help you with queries or any other problems.

Download to convert pst to mbox

You can try “PST Extractor Pro” without buying it. Download the setup below, install, and check out the features in its free trial mode.

Get it here:

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To convert PST to MBOX, get ‘PST Extractor Pro

The Unconventional Approach to Export Mail from Mac Outlook 2011/2016 to Thunderbird

Mac Outlook 2011 / Outlook 2016 and Thunderbird are both email clients for Mac. But the fact remains that data transfer between them is always painful and long. Also the fact that their data files are very different doesn’t really help.

Export Mail from Mac Outlook 2011 / 2016 to Thunderbird

Today, we have brought a solution that will let you export Mail from Mac Outlook 2011 / 2016 to Thunderbird easily.

It’s a software tool that:

[wpsm_list type=”check”]

  • has a simple interface
  • works offline
  • supports non-English text conversion
  • small and light
  • backed up by 24×7 customer support


There’s no other solution in the market currently that can do this job of exporting mails from Outlook 2011 / 2016 for Mac to Thunderbird better than this one. It has essentially everything that is required for successful data migration – easy interface, dedicated logic for extraction, and more.

I am talking about “OLM Extractor Pro,” that you can download right now here. Simply install it double-clicking the setup file. You can use it in a free trial mode straightaway. It doesn’t need any initial configuration setup or any activation of any sort. You can probably begin in less than two minutes. The trial mode can convert ten items from all the folders inside the OLM files that you selected for conversion. Other than that, there are no restrictions on any feature itself.

export mail from mac outlook 2011  2016 to thunderbird

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Here are some of the top features of “OLM Extractor Pro”.

Accurately Perfect

It converts everything with precision. No unwanted modification, no corruption, no defects. It keeps the fidelity of your emails intact.

Support for Non-English text

The tool can convert text in any language, be it Chinese, Japanese, English, or Hindi. It’s speciality is the dedicated logic that can even support double-byte characters like Chinese, which is a rare feature. Most tools can only support ASCII (English) characters.

Conversion in bulk

Do you have more than one OLM file? No problem. “OLM Extractor Pro” is the only file converter that can convert your multiple OLM files in a bulk without compromising any other aspects.

Contacts and Calendar

You can convert contacts and calendar entries to their dedicated file formats, VCF and ICS respectively. VCF – Virtual contact file, is a file for contacts used as a generic formats on multiple platforms and programs. ICS – is a file used natively in Cal app in Mac but is also generic for many calendar apps. You can even merge multiple contacts and calendar entries into a single VCF and ICS file respectively, per folder.

Intuitive Interface

The interface is designed with special care and attention, targeted towards non-experienced users. Every feature is intuitively understood and can be applied easily. Everything is self-explanatory.

export mail from mac outlook 2011 to thunderbird

There are countless other features that are essential in email migration but have always been missing from ordinary tools. “OLM Extractor Pro” does not; it will give you the flawless experience while exporting Mail from Outlook 2011 / 2016 for Mac to Thunderbird.

If you need help, 24×7 customer support is only a click away.

Download to Export Mail from Mac Outlook 2011 / 2016 to Thunderbird

Get it here:

export mail from mac outlook 2016 to thunderbird

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Download the setup now ‘OLM Extractor Pro’ and export mail from Mac Outlook 2011 / 2016 to Thunderbird and other file formats.

Mac OLM to PST Converter for converting Mac OLM to Windows PST

Mac OLM to PST Converter

New in the email conversion town? Fear not, the Mac OLM to PST converter aka ‘OLM Extractor Max’ will take care of everything that you have been worrying about. It is a professional device specially meant to help common users. Convert Mac OLM to PST format for windows without having to make any hard efforts. This tool is the best for the job, try its free version today.

If you have been looking for email converters. Stop wondering about a perfect email converter and take a look at the Mac OLM to PST converter. It is the end tool that solves all the problems that a mac user can possibly face while trying to convert mac OLM to PST. It is a professional tool which is created especially for regular users who could not operate the overpriced and high end certified tools. Check it out now:

The best Mac OLM to PST Converter

There has been a new discovery in the email conversion segment. It is called ‘OLM Extractor Max’ by USL Software. It is the ideal tool to make OLM mac to PST file conversions without asking for any efforts from the users’ side. This tool has been especially created to let normal and inexperienced users in converting mac OLM to PST format.

mac olm to pst

Download Now to Convert Mac OLM to PST

Look no further. The final solution for flawless email conversion is here. It is none other than Gladwev software who have come up with the ideal OLM to PST converter tool for all the mac users who have been searching for ways to shift Mac OLM to PST format.  Check out ‘OLM Extractor Max’, a professionally designed OLM to WIndows PST conversion utility. It has all the necessary features to make email conversion flawless. And it is available for a free trial too. Check it out today.

Get it here:

The wait is over. OLM Extractor Max is now out for sale. It is an affordable email conversion utility that specializes in making perfect Mac OLM to PST file conversions. ‘OLM Extractor Max’ comes with powerful features. There is no match in speed and accuracy in results. You should certainly check out the tool and see if it works for you. It did for countless other mac users who needed a miracle.

Get Your OLM File into Mac Mail Imported Without Setbacks!

If you will open your Mac Mail and go to ‘Importing data’ feature, you will notice that it doesn’t have any option for OLM format. OLM is a file used by Outlook 2011, and therefore, it is clear that it doesn’t support OLM format directly.

Users coming from Outlook 2011 client find this disappointing because they are stuck with their emails and have no way, at least no simple way, to get the emails transferred.

One obvious approach is to sync the emails to an email account and then sync it back to Apple Mail client. You can also use other cloud services to move data, but it is very slow and not all a productive technique for exporting your data.

How to Import OLM file into Mac Mail

More importantly, you’d want to export every single element from OLM file into Mac Mail. And the sync approach can often misfire and overlook many original details. This is called the loss of data integrity, and it can be the worst possible scenario that is quite painful. Who wants to make an incomplete migration of their data?

Worse still, is not being able to see this data integrity loss right away.

What happens is that the manual conversion methods (like the one stated above) can break certain parts of your original data while in transitional period. Many images don’t appear correctly or at all. The hierarchy of email folders can also get jumbled up, making the management of emails later on in Mac Mail a truly terrifying prospect. But you may not see such discontinuities right away. You may delete your original files thinking that all of it has been synced to the Apple Mail client. This is a terrifying scenario.

Other such defects easily dismiss any manual ways of moving data. It’s just not worth your time and data.

Therefore, more experienced users always choose a professional solution to import OLM file into Mac Mail, or the data in OLM file into Mac Mail. There are few unofficial tools out there that makes this a possible method, but most of them are very hard to operate and offer only a slight improvement over manual methods. Still not completely trustable solutions.

However, there is one Mac tool that might take all worries away – “OLM Extractor Pro’.

olm file into mac mail

It has dozens of new and highly improved features that deviates from the other traditional tools to make up for a worrisome migration. It eliminates the data loss, unwanted modification, and also gives you a simple way of making this into a successful project.

The UI with which you can interact with the tool has the most amount of work done by the team. This is not merely to give you a straightforward system, although that is a major part. The friendly UI plays a much bigger role into safeguarding your data integrity as well. This is done so by removing the manual inputs from the practice and automating them to make any human-errors less likely to occur.

Where other tools require you to do everything yourself, “OLM Extractor Pro” only gives options that are useful and necessary, and in some cases, important to the actual result. Much of the micro-operations are unified with the primary data extraction engine such that the majority of progress is at the back-end, leaving only a simple interface for the users as needed.

The options you have available are – choosing the OLM files to convert manually and loading them on to the tool, choosing the folders within those files for conversion, filtering folders for easy selection, ignoring and dismissing any empty folder from output, merging all contacts per folder into a single VCF file, merging all calendar entries per folder into a single ICS file, saving your read and unread emails to separate folders, and more.

This gives you a lot of flexibility into how you want your output files, without overwhelming the interface with dozens of unnecessary operations.

The primary force behind the data conversion is a dedicated algorithm that takes the data from OLM files, captures it with sharp precision, and integrates it finally into new MBOX files. This is an extreme form of modern programming that makes “OLM Extractor Pro” the favored tool of many experts.

Download to Convert OLM file Into Mac Mail

Check it out today and see all of these features directly. You can use the free trial version to further test the tool in detail.

Download it here: for converting OLM file into Mac Mail file format.

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Convert Mac Mail to Outlook – The User-Friendly Approach!

Most conventional solutions available online to convert Mac Mail to Outlook do not work efficiently. The reason being – they extract contents from archived files like MBOX, or convert individual messages from a single EMLX file. These solutions are not time saving, nor are they accurate.

The worst part, they are hard to use. None of the generic MBOX or EMLX converter are user-friendly. The interface designs without much attention to the users’ ease and comfort. And if there’s a simple to use tool, it is very limited and powerless.

This scenario is more or less turned upside down by “Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software.

convert mac mail to outlook

Convert Mac Mail to Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro” is the only tool that converts data directly in Mac. And it doesn’t do so using MBOX or EMLX files. You can click on ‘Auto-load’ and it targets the main source that is the identity/profile directory of Apple Mail stored under users’ library folder. This eases up a lot of efforts otherwise required in typical tools.

It’s an extremely user-friendly tool, with no pre-requisites asking from users. It works right off the bat, from the first screen.

Here are some of its salient features:

[wpsm_list type=”check”]

  • Splits large PST files into smaller ones automatically. You just need to specify the size at which to split.
  • Integrated mapping support for folder hierarchy to ensure folders remain intact in output PST files with correct order
  • Dedicated Event handlers for metadata and headers (like: to, from, cc, bcc, subject, time and date stamps) to ensure safety for the minor details associated with emails files
  • A simplified walkthrough/wizard for beginners and novice users
  • Micro-operations to keep all the details intact and properly converted
  • Brief and long report at the end of conversions to understand your migration projects better. Priceless for IT professionals in massive migration projects.
  • Transitional accuracy, keeping the fidelity of all forms of contents intact
  • Support for non-English text conversion too, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, which are tricky languages because they use double-byte characters instead of single.
  • Custom option to convert MBOX files to PST (Always use the ‘Auto-load.’ This custom option is given in case anyone needs, like you don’t have Apple Mail installed or you don’t have the profile directory saved somewhere.)


Mail Extractor Pro” has changed the landscape around Mac Mail to Outlook conversion. Earlier, there used to be lots of anxiety and concerns surrounding the job. And rightly so. Everyone always reported data loss and damage to certain components inside the files. It used to take a whole lot of time than one anticipated. All of that is history now.

Try free to Convert Mac Mail to Outlook

Try “Mail Extractor Pro” today. Say no to all Windows based, inefficient, risky, and painfully slow tools that never work the way you want them to.

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mac mail to outlook

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