Why Not to go with OST to EML Freeware Conversion Tools?

Both OST and EML files are complex and very different from each other. That is why it is often recommended to avoid OST to EML freeware conversion tools as they do not have dedicated features to make this a seamless and efficient process.

Problem With OST to EML Freeware

The problems with these often generic and ordinary conversion tools can be hard to overcome and avoid and can range from mildly infuriating to serious ones. One of the most serious issues include loss of data and the structure. Since files like OST and EML are rich in information, a tool with poor execution fails to correct for abnormalities and complexity.

Let us discuss in detail why we think it is a bad idea to avoid OST to EML freeware converters:


The first thing that a user deals with is, and in a way, the only thing that a user deals with, is the interface. If with the flashy features and all, there is no functional interface to navigate the process, the task is doomed from the start. And many of these OST file converters suffer from this problem massively.


Second issue that may not often come up on the radar of most users with a professional tool is the tech support. But since many users have large OST files to convert and with sensitive information, certain scenarios can require a hand of an expert to guide you smoothly. It is a priceless asset of an efficient service, be it a software service, and sadly, dozens of otherwise decent converters offer no support.


Speed is often associated with instability, both in real life and in digital. But if an OST to EML migration tool is built with proper considerations and professionalism, you can get both. A freeware tool is seldom capable of keeping up with the complications and offer fast conversion rate. Therefore, you might end up losing your productivity at work or home if you go with these substandard tools that run painfully slow.


Now we come to the most important and impactful downsides of OST to EML freeware tools: failure to keep all the data elements and their structure intact. Most output a ton of integrity errors. It is either the images or attachments, headers or graphics, or other details that are often mis-calculated by the ordinary algorithms. Losing these details from your files is made worse the fact that you will not notice these issues with your final EML files until it is too late to do anything about it.

Meshing Up

This next weakness of the tools could technically be a part of the point stated above about data accuracy, but it is so frequent and yet crucial that it needs to mentioned separately. We meant, failure to safely convert the non-English part of your emails and to map the structure of the folders correctly. The support for these two components of your database is very crucial, especially in days of international communication, where most people likely have non-English emails.

These points mentioned above should make you think twice about investing your time and efforts and the safety of your data with the ordinary and free OST to EML tools. They only look appealing on the surface, but end up costing you more eventually.

Get a proper and professional tool.

One of the more frequently recommended tools is “OST Extractor Pro” that USL Software has built inside-out and meticulously with advanced algorithms. It resolves all the above problems strikingly well (full data preservation and safety, friendly UI, tech support, and more).

It can helps you to convert ost to mbox, eml, pst, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox etc file formats and compatible with both Mac and Windows.

ost to eml freeware

If you want to open ost file in Outlook or any other email client, get a free version that converts ten items per folder within the OST file, but gives you the chance to see the relevant features in full glory.


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