OLM to Windows PST conversion with OLM to PST Converter Ultimate

OLM to PST Converter Ultimate is a software developed by Gladwev company that helps you convert OLM to Windows PST format.

The reason why such a conversion between the OLM and PST file formats is useful is because it allows you to migrate from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows. The OLM file format is associated with Outlook for Mac, whereas files with the PST file extension are the ones recognized and supported by Outlook for Windows. With the aid of OLM to PST Converter Ultimate, you can convert from the OLM format to the PST format, and can therefore migrate all your email data from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows.

OLM to PST Converter Ultimate has the following characteristics:

  • It converts your Outlook for Mac Database into a file which you can then import on Outlook for Windows. The tool has an “Express” mode of running which, when selected, loads your entire Outlook for Mac Database and migrates all your desired email items to a PST file, which can be imported on Outlook for Windows. After opening Outlook for Windows, you can then see all your emails, contacts, calendar and any other email data you chose to migrate into your Windows-based email platform. What is more, the software doesn’t even need to export your OLM file in which your Outlook for Mac email data is stored, because of its ability to auto-detect all your email folders and their contents.
  • olm to windows pstIt performs a safe, error-free OLM to Windows PST. This piece of software will not modify in any way the content of your email data in the process of conversion. All your email items will be preserved in the PST file, as the email content and hierarchical structure of email attachments remain intact.
  • The tool migrates your whole calendar set. All your social events, meetings, appointments and schedules stored in calendars will be migrated to your PST file. Even if you have various different calendars, they will all be merged into a unique “Calendar” folder, allowing you to gain fast access to your calendar events.
  • The address book fields are also successfully transferred to the PST file. The contacts list is one of the most valuable part of your email items, this is why OLM to PST Converter Ultimate migrates all your contacts to the PST file, so that they will come in handy to you again on your Outlook for Windows PST file. All your address book fields will be merged into a “Contacts” folder, which will keep all your contacts data compact and easier to search for.

The trial version is available online and lets you make up to 10 email conversions for each folder, offering access to all its features. Get it http://www.olmtopst.info/

Users can convert OLM to Windows PST format with the OLM to PST Converter Ultimate tool, which is available for purchase and also has a free demo version.


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