MBOX to PST Converter Software – Featuring Smart UI and Innovative Data-Processing Logic!

There are only few of the MBOX to PST converter software that features adequate algorithms for resulting files to be accurate. If they do, they are either custom-built for large corporate workplaces, too expensive, or have a terrible interface too hard for basic users.

MBOX to PST Converter Software

Mail Extractor Pro” is not one of them.

Mail Extractor Pro

It is product by USL Software and converts Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook.

It is the only converter software that brings the professional balance between usability and sophistication. Brimming with advanced features, the interface is designed for simple use by basic users. You can do almost anything with the files in relation to the data conversion with ease.

mbox to pst converter software
Convert from multiple sources to pst file format.

Here are top level features that make it a brilliant answer to all the non-practical solutions otherwise else elsewhere:

Gets Batch conversion going easily:

Instead of picking and converting one MBOX file to PST one at a time, it allows you to load up one single folder containing many files at once.The tool also delivers smooth experience without any interruptions or freezing. Not many converting software can handle large migration projects like it does.

Dedicated Support for non-English text:

Do you have emails with non-English text? Such text are encoded in Unicode standard and are tricky to process during email migration. With this tool, you never have to worry about losing or converting them with errors. Even double-byte characters like Chinese and Japanese are converted with precision.

Maps Folders with Correct Hierarchy:

If you have many folders and sub-folders in a specific arrangement in MBOX Files, you must be careful using any ordinary tool. They do not retain the same structure after the conversion, making it too hard to make sense of your data and easily get your emails as they were stored previously. “Mail Extractor Pro” has specially devised algorithms to retain their locations and order correctly.

Maintains Other details and components:

Emails are no longer just about the text transmitted across networks. They are more sophisticated form of information sharing with other users, two or more. This makes data migration much more complex as the tools converting the files have to take care of more information and different forms of data.

Luckily, “Mail Extractor Pro” is built for that kind of complex databases. It will convert all your headers, images,attachments, nested emails, links, email addresses, HTML formatting emails, and more. Basically, it gets the data from MBOX to PST by just converting the format; every other data part remains identical and in their original form.

mbox to pst converter

Get this MBOX to PST Converter Today

If you are interested, you can take a shot with a free trial version. It is understandable to first look at the features and UI in more detail. And this trial mode gives you exactly that. It does not restrict or disable anything,except converts only ten items per folder. It is a convenient way to freely and truly check it out in action.

Get ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ Today

It is an ultimate solution for converting data from Apple Mail, Postbox Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and MBOX File (*.mbox) to PST File (*.pst) for Mac & Win Outlook.


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