The ideal tool for importing OST to Thunderbird is here!

Extracting data out of your OST files is tough. And importing OST files to Thunderbird, even tougher. So, you need to be very careful when you deal with these native files of Outlook.

Breakdown: Importing OST to Thunderbird

OST and Thunderbird are two very different things when kept in perspective together. OST or Offline Storage Table can be defined as the native application file of Outlook. The files is the reason that you are able to download your email data to your local storage.

Not only that is the files that facilitates offline manipulation of your data. Once you are done with it, it syncs it all up to your mail server. This way there is homogeneity maintained throughout your email storage and you have two copies of the same data. OST was developed for this purpose itself and it does its job superbly.

Thunderbird on the other hand is an email client that comes to you from Mozilla. An innovative approach towards email service, thunderbird is a desktop-based client. It is different from Outlook on structural level and needs all the data coming from its counterpart to be converted into the format it actually understands. That’s why we need to import OST to Thunderbird.

Problems with OST files

OST files were never meant for data transfers. But if you download your data from your email client, it gets stored in OST format itself. Thus, it is the file that is by default created for backup of your data.

But accessing that file outside the native application is hard. Thus, your data is on lockdown inside the file. To access it you need to convert it into a format of your choice, in this case import your OST files to Thunderbird.

The best way to Import OST files into Thunderbird

There is no direct way of importing OST files into Thunderbird. Third-party tools are the best shout to do so. And OST Extractor Pro from USL Software is the best amongst them.

ost to thunderbird

It is a most efficient tool for OST to PST, MBOX, EML, Thunderbird, Postbox & Apple Mail conversion.

The tool is feature packed conversion solution that targets all the aspects of your conversion process. It offers a wide range of features wrapped up with an intuitive interface. Covering all the aspects of conversion, the tool is a powerful, robust and a very professional approach towards your conversion process.

With features like:

Exceptional Conversion Accuracy:

The tool converts everything and every format present in your input file. Be it the complex data structures or always ignored calendar and contacts data. This tool converts them all.

import ost to thunderbird

Maintain the folder hierarchy:

The tool retains the folder structure from your input email database files. this gives the files produced an exactly similar structure like your input email files.

Easiest Interface Ever:

The interface of the tool is the cherry on top. Unlike the interface of ordinary tools used for importing OST to Thunderbird, the interface of this tool is clean, simple and easy to use.

importing ost to thunderbird

This list is just the tip of the iceberg of features that this tool provides. Download the free trial of the OST to Thunderbird converter tool today and get a closer look at what all it has to offer.


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