Import Windows Outlook to Mac Mail Without Worrying About Data Loss

Windows Outlook uses Pst as its data and archiving file. Whereas, Mac Mail uses Emlx as data file and Mbox as archived file. Both email clients have files that aren’t compatible with each other and therefore you could find many tips and techniques and fake tools trying to help you move data.

Some of the techniques for importing Windows Outlook to Mac Mail are legit. However, that doesn’t mean they are inefficient or practical in your situations. If you have a large database, those methods are not for you.

Note* – This whole article assumes that the data you are trying to migrate is stored locally. If they are stored on servers and not locally, you can simply add the account to your Mac mail and sync it.

Let’s move on to the offline data, the data is stored locally.

Here’s how the most popular method for importing Windows Outlook to Mac Mail works.

  • Go to Gmail and create a new account (a dummy account)
  • Add the account to your Windows Outlook and let the data sync to the account.
  • Add the same account to Mac mail and this time let the data sync from the account’s server to the client.

It all works good except that it can painfully slow to the point that it becomes absurd. Secondly, due to some internet connectivity issues, the data items can go missing or corrupted. Therefore, it’s always better to avoid this method.

Any other method that you might have seen or read will bring the same problems, even worse.

The best way is to use a third party tool. It might cost you a little, but in the long run, it would be more beneficial and even economical than going down the manual road.

Import Windows Outlook to Mac MailHowever, just picking up any third party tool won’t make things perfect by magic. There are many fake tools that can worsen the situation. The data that is being involved here is email data, which can be quiet sensitive and important. Therefore, do not go with unreliable sources because it be risky, leading to all sorts of complications and unwanted things.

If you don’t have time to research about trusting and reliable tools, don’t worry. Go with “Pst Extractor Pro”. It’s built by USL Software, a well renowned company that has been offering email migration tools for years now and has established themselves quite firmly.

Pst Extractor Pro” allows you to load Pst files (in batch) and it converts them to Mbox files efficiently. It also allows other formats to convert to such as Rge, Eml, and Vcf and Ics for contacts and calendar respectively.

Import Windows Outlook to Mac Mail using PST Extractor Pro

You can start using it right now. Click the link below and download its free trial setup. You won’t be disappointed.


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