Import PST file to Thunderbird Easily

Easy way to Import PST file to Thunderbird

Do you want to import PST file to Thunderbird? Well, sorry to say, it is not possible. At least not directly. PST file is a file format native to Windows Outlook for archiving data: it is not supported by any other email client. So to import the data from Windows PST files, you need to convert it to a format that Thunderbird recognizes.

I did not know that.

I archived my thousands of emails to a PST file and then wondered how to import that into Thunderbird. To be fair, I am a rookie with computers and do not have the slightest idea how any of this works, especially tasks like email migration.

Luckily, the software industry has come far enough to make sophisticated jobs easier for everyday users that do not have a degree in computer science. Jobs like migrating email data from one to other is also easier now, thanks to all third parties developing user-friendly solutions.

However, unlike other scenarios in IT, email migration is still not a fully grown industry with numerous top developers and companies putting out professional tools to help users export their data comfortably. There are still half-baked tools from unreliable sources that can make your life more miserable than without them. With email migration, there are many concerns and risks and employing an unreliable, poorly developed tool can prove dangerous for your data.

During last week, I went through the same thing. I employed a certain number of email migration tools, free and paid, but none of them worked out. The worst part is that I ended up losing a majority of my time trying to figure out how they work only to end up with imprecisely converted Thunderbird files.

To give you an idea of the issues I faced, here’s a brief list –

  • The converted Thunderbird files were missing images, attachments, headers, and metadata.
  • The tools were unable to convert non-English text.
  • The tools didn’t keep my folders hierarchy safe.
  • Their interfaces were so confusing that it took more than few hours to make sense of them.
  • The tools couldn’t deal multiple PST files.

Finally, on the verge of giving up, I tried one last software program that apparently had good reviews. I was, of course, skeptical but had no other choice than to give a final try.

It worked! It worked as I was hoping from the beginning of this entire episode of email migration.

The tool is called “PST Extractor Pro” by USL Software.

import pst file to Thunderbird

It –

  • Has easy, intuitive interface
  • Converts data accurately. NO missing images, attachments, headers, or nested messages.
  • Supports non-English text.
  • Keeps the folder hierarchy safe.
  • Supports multiple PST files conversion.
  • Converts contacts to VCF file.
  • Converts Calendar reminders to ICS file.
  • Converts data quickly.

After toiling around with plenty of poorly designed tools, I finally was happy with “PST Extractor Pro“. If you are also looking to convert PST files to Thunderbird, this is the way to go. I cannot recommend it more.

There is a free trial version that you can download to test it out.

Tutorial: How to convert Outlook to Thunderbird

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