How to Export Apple Mail to PST Quickly and Thoroughly?

If you are moving to Outlook on Windows (or Mac) from Apple Mail, you have a problem at your hand. There is no in-built feature in Apple Mail to export data to Outlook, nor does it allow you to archive data to a file that Outlook can import.

Windows Outlook uses PST file to import data and Mac Outlook can use both OLM and PST for the same purpose. It’s an effective way to export Apple Mail to PST because it gives you freedom to use the file in both versions of the Outlook client.

But how to export Apple Mail to PST when there is no native way with the clients to do so?

How to export Apple Mail to PST

The only way is to rely on software tools offered by other parties besides Apple and Microsoft. But that too can be done in many ways. One of the most common approach is to archive all emails to MBOX and then use an MBOX to PST converter application or find the Apple Mail database and extract EMLX files (native data files of Apple Mail) and then convert them to PST.

MBOX/EMLX to PST conversion method is common and it works to some extent.

But here, we are interested in a seamless, quick, and thorough data export method that does not leave a dent in your productivity nor does it leave out any components from files or databases.

Because, converting an MBOX/EMLX file to PST format with the help of some software tool works, but never in a comprehensive and efficient way. It certainly is not a smart method for professional migration where the files can be massive, and every part of the database is crucial. Dealing with archived files like MBOX or raw files like EMLX can lead to partial conversion, and at worse, data loss.

If you have ever suffered data loss, you might know that even the loss of a single byte can be damaging. A small graphic inside an email could be the details of your clients, or a document as attachment with an email could potentially be the most important document you have. With traditional ways of transferring information, you are bound to find certain components missing from the output.

It’s safe to assume that you do not want it, nor can you afford any such data errors.

Second drawback of typical conversion tools is the time they take. There are two reasons for that. One is the obvious one that they extract information with a painfully slow speed. Second is that you first need an archived MBOX file or EMLX files to even begin conversion.

Tool to Export Apple Mail to PST

This is why USL Software ditched all old and inefficient ways most go about such data export tasks. You can now approach it in a direct and surprisingly productive way with the help of ‘Mail Extractor Pro.’

how to export apple mail to pst

It works by directly targeting the Apple Mail primary database called “Mail” (Identity or Profile). No need to dwell in MBOX files at all. You are also free to manually pick any backup database from other locations than default, but that too only requires just a few clicks (specifying the location of the backup database).

export apple mail to pst

This helps users avoid many of the needless manual inputs and also yield clean and error-free output. If you want to go in depth and evaluate the tool’s worth directly, get the free demo version available to download at the link below.


Also note that the tool does have MBOX to PST conversion option available too for those who need it, but if your main concern is how to export Apple Mail to PST, we highly suggest the direct auto-load option for much quicker and accurate results.

apple mail to pst

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