How I Managed Exporting Thunderbird to Outlook 2019 Easily and How You Can Too?

I had been a devout user of Thunderbird until I had to switch to Outlook 2019 Windows for some work reasons. I had no idea exporting data from Thunderbird to Outlook 2019 can be this difficult. But I did manage to successfully pull if off with the help of “Mail Passport Pro”.

Export Thunderbird to Outlook 2019 (Office 365)

No one likes email migration. In fact, I figured no one likes any kind of migration. Just like when you move to a different place and you had to take your stuff with you, email migration is just that, even though all the stuff is data and digital. But the problem involving migration are equally troubling and frustrating for inexperienced users.

And I had no idea.

Thunderbird and Outlook 2019

I was a devout user of Thunderbird for many users. But due to a unique demands freshly came up in my work, I had to switch to a Windows computer and find myself a new email client. Seeing that Outlook 2019 recently rolled out from Microsoft, I went ahead with Outlook as my new email client.

I am never a fan of getting out of my comfort zone. So, getting used to a new platform, new apps, new UI, and a new email client was enough in itself. But on top of that, I also had to take my data along with me from Thunderbird to Outlook 2019. And years of using the same emailing software had led to a massive accumulation of emails, contacts, and more.

What happened was that I went through several articles, forums, blogs, and anything I could find on the web looking for the best and quickest way to migrate data. I tested few tools that didn’t work and wasted my time.

Tool to Export Thunderbird to Outlook 2019

But then I found this simple looking and unassuming software solution called “Mail Passport Pro”, built by Gladwev Software.

Export thunderbird to outlook 2019

First of all, it was surprisingly simple to use. I realized how much unnecessary and tedious steps were involved in other methods that I tried. “Mail Passport Pro” works by simply choosing Thunderbird as the input and then it automatically picks up your database.

But if you want sophistication, control, and more advanced features, don’t be fooled by its simplicity. It has got pretty much all essential features that an IT tech support guy would be looking for.

Thunderbird to Outlook 2019

There are many features here that I didn’t go through myself, as I didn’t need them. For instance, it can convert not just Thunderbird but data from pretty much all popular email clients in Mac, including Apple Mail and Outlook Mac. It also supports the conversion of raw data files such as EML and MBOX.

Try it to export Thunderbird to Outlook 2019

I would suggest you to try it out first, which is perfect because it is free and doesn’t disable or lock any of the features. Only thing it does is limit the conversion to ten items from each folder inside your selected data source (Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.). That shouldn’t in your way of thoroughly testing out the functionality and interface.

Get ‘Mail Passport Pro‘ today to export Thunderbird to Outlook 2019 and other version of MS Outlook.


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