EML to PST Conversion will not be a burden anymore!

Nobody wants to willingly go through the process of EML to PST conversion. It is because of the nature of the process and the stigma clouding the process. There is a constant threat of losing your data if the process goes wrong.

This often discourages the users when they go for the conversion process. Nobody wants to put their data at risk. Sadly, there is no other way to do so. Therefore, you have to deal with this situation. The best thing that you can do is make the conversion process better and safer for your data. How do you do it? Well, reading this article will give you an idea about it. It talks about how to make the conversion process more accurate, safer and overall better.

The technicalities of EML to PST Conversion

The major reason behind email conversion is the same as many other processes, incompatibility. The email files involved EML to PST conversion process are EML and PST respectively.

Both these files work for entirely different email clients. EML is preferred by email clients running on MacOS based machines. They are very good with their individual tasks but when it comes to interchanging the data stored in them, things get complicated. The individual structure of both the files are completely different. This means when you are moving your data from EML files to PST you are trying to fit data structured in a particular way into files which have a completely different structure.

Therefore, you need to restructure the data in order to match the file structure of the PST files. This is the only way to make the data accessible post the conversion process. It is a technical process and to get this job done efficiently, you’ll need a solution that is technically capable enough to deal with such a complex process.

Mail Extractor Pro: The Third-Party Converter Tool for all your problems

When it comes to technical complexities of EML to PST conversion process, there is no better solution than a third-party converter tool. And there is no better third-party converter tool than Mail Extractor Pro.

Mail Extractor Pro is an all in 1 tool that can convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, EML and MBOX file to Outlook for Mac & Win Outlook.

eml to pst conversion

This tool from USL Software is absolutely the best choice for any user. It has the right balance of all the features that you can wish for in a converter tool. These help it in delivering consistent top-level performances and help you with your conversion process. Some of these features are:

Retain the Folder Hierarchy:

Messed up folder hierarchies can increase the time of your post conversion operations whilst simultaneously decreasing the comfort. This is usually the case with substandard converter tools. This one solves this problem for you. It retains the folder structure from the input files during your EML to PST conversion. This gives you output files with exactly similar structure, thus, making post conversion operations easier and quicker.

Bulk Conversion:

As the name suggests, this feature helps you in converting multiple files at once. This feature comes in very handy when you are dealing with large sized databases. This tool can support this feature because of the algorithms it runs on. It helps in providing you with exceptional performances without trading off any other feature of the tool. Thus, making your EML to PST conversion more efficient.

There are many features like this that this tool supports. Download the free trial today, if you are looking for Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail to PST or EML/MBOX to PST converter tool.


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