Best ever tool for Converting OLM files

Converting OLM files to any given mail files format need not be a complicated, headache-inducing task. All you need for successful conversion of your Mac mails into the format of your choice is to get the OLM Extractor Pro. This tool is well suited to a variety of common needs during data conversion. It is the safest and fastest way out to mail migration.

Converting OLM files

Most appealing qualities for Converting OLM files:

The OLM Extractor Pro is not yet another app which is too complicated for the understanding of a beginner. This app has been prepared keeping in mind not only regular clients of mail migration but newbies as well. The factors which mark the superiority of this converter over any other one are as follows:

Converts to a variety of formats:

This tool is advanced in the choices it offers in the variety of output results. From OLM format, one can transfer the OLM files to Apple Mail, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, RGE, MBOX etc. Thus the client is free to migrate their files to the operating system of their choice. Also, it recognizes all formats of the OLM files- 2011 to 2016.

Preserves additional attachments:

The major cause of incomplete conversion being the inability of the converter to take heed of additional files except mails. The OLM Extractor Pro on the other hand migrates not only mails but also calendars and contacts. It safeguards the attachment files and nested messages as well. It is also ensured that the attachment files are kept with the root mail files. So that there is no confusion while locating files post conversion.

Preserves Unicode content:

There is no chance of the corruption of your data whilst using this app for conversion since it takes responsibility of important nuances. The files are produced in the format of the clients’ choice while also maintaining the unique contents like metadata and headers. Mail addresses and Unicode content are preserved in the intact form as this tool takes the pains to maintain their order and hierarchy. Even content in non-English languages are preserved by this tool without modifying even a bit of data.

Converts files in bulk:

The bulk conversion methodology used by this tool saves plenty of the time of the clients, reducing the amount of time consumed to almost half. The good news is that multiple files are converted at once by this tool, the efficiency of the task remains the same. Thus, it is the best choice for individual as well as mass usage.

Protective environment for data:

People often face the loss of their data or their corruption when they convert their olm files. The OLM Extractor Pro has taken this into account and thus provides an environment for their data which is safe and protected from all causes of loss and corruption.

conversion of olm files

Get it for converting OLM files

You can try these features out for free in the trial version of the tool and purchase the full version once you are satisfied with the performance. Contact us on out helpline number in case of the need for further information.

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