Convert Windows Live mail to Outlook Using ‘Mail Passport Lite’!

Mail conversions are nothing but an attempt to carry forward all the data that has been built over years of using a particular email client. Such data is consistent of elements such as contacts, calendars, documents in the form of attachments, important mailers in the form of HTML text, and much more. No one wishes to leave such data behind and thereby they take up tasks of the likes of converting Windows Live mail to Outlook.

Convert Windows Live Mail to Outlook

A tool that wonderfully accomplishes this task is Mail Passport Lite. When it comes to the job to convert Windows Live mail to Outlook, there is a lot of complexity that becomes evident.

Mail Passport Lite can convert EML to PST as well as MBOX to PST file format for Mac and Windows Outlook.
convert windows live mail to outlook

However, Mail Passport Lite has specific design structure which is dedicated to picking up EML or MBOX files to be further transformed into PST structure without fail. Thanks to the makers of this tool at Gladwev Software, there is not a single aspect that is flawed about this tool. And that is why this tool is highly recommended for those who wish to convert Windows Live mail to Outlook.

An interesting approach to convert Windows Live mail to Outlook!

When making use of Mail Passport Lite to convert Windows Live mail to PST, the users do not experience any hardships as they do with other tools. This one has a very basic interface with minimalistic user involvement. That is to say that the entire task is automated to a great extent. The users have to just make a few clicks and the rest gets taken care of.

If we take a quick look at the journey with this tool to convert Windows Live mail to Outlook, one simply has to follow the under-mentioned routine:

Upload the files -> Select or deselect the folders -> Choose the output location

Accurate & Safe conversion

That is the summary of the quick process that this tool uses to deliver impeccably converted PST files. There are certain properties of the files too that must be looked into. These are:

  • 100% of the data gets converted. This includes complex elements like graphical images, Unicode content, non-English text, and more.
  • The overall structure of the files gets maintained. There is no change in the folder hierarchy structure of the mails.
  • The functionality of the mails remains unaffected.

Such deliverables are what make this tool the number one choice for those who want perfect results from Windows Live mail to Outlook conversion journey.

More choice to convert Windows Live mail to Outlook!

While you still ponder upon the decision, let us introduce another great tool by the same company to you. This one is called as Mail Passport Pro. What is great is that in addition to accomplishing the given conversion, this tool can also support Apple mail, Windows Live Mail (*.eml) , Entourage (*.rge), Outlook for Mac (*.olm), Thunderbird, Postbox and MBOX to PST conversions. Isn’t that a great package? It most certainly is! Choose Mail Passport Pro or Mail Passport Lite today to begin converting the files from Windows Live mail to Outlook in the most efficient manner possible.


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