Convert Outlook Pst File to Mac Mail With All the Attachments and every other item

The problem with converting Outlook Pst to Mac Mail is the loss of data, or in other words, incomplete migration. In fact, this issue is with every other type of email migration; but in Outlook Pst to Mac Mail, the risk increases many folds only because the transfer of data is between two different platforms or OS – Windows and Mac.

And I knew that. I have done it in the past while assisting a friend with the same task. And I knew very well how it all goes. You spend hours and hours and end up realizing that the transfer was incomplete. The biggest trouble is with the attachments. The attachments are generally lost whenever you try to transfer the emails from Outlook Pst to Mac Mail.

This time it was for my own data. I recently purchased Mac computer and wanted everything to be transferred. But I wasn’t willing to go through that same path. I couldn’t waste time that much only to perform an inefficient and imprecise email migration.

So I searched and searched a lot. Ironically, a lot of time was wasted nevertheless. But at least I found a good solution that worked amazingly well. Even though it came a bit late, I am still satisfied.

The method that I applied was through the professional file converter program called “Pst Extractor Pro”. As the name suggests, it converts Pst files into many other file formats, and Mbox is one of them. Mbox format is the primary file extension used by Apple Mail to store the emails and every other items.

Using this tool you can convert all of your data from Outlook Pst into Mbox format, and then import those Mbox files into your Apple Mail. Pretty simple, but highly effective.

Convert Outlook Pst File to Mac Mail

Actually, I found many other tools that do the same work, and even downloaded their trial versions. But there were few reasons that I chose and finally bought the full version of “Pst Extractor Pro”.

One, it looked very simple. Its very carefully designed graphical interface is one of the easiest I have seen. To put it in other words, using the tool was very natural to me. Even a kid who knows basic computer won’t find it difficult to use.

Two, it had many other options that actually help a lot when you are converting Outlook Pst file to Mac Mail. Such as, you can split Mbox files into two, and even specify the maximum size after which the software will itself split Mbox file into two parts. Big sized Mbox file isn’t too good for the performance of Apple Mail. There is also automatic contacts and calendar conversion, where the tool converts them to Vcf and Ics file, respectively. Moreover, you can merge all the contacts or calendar data from a single folder into a single Vcf or Ics file respectively. Lastly, there is an option to save read/unread emails separately.

All of these things make the whole task a lot effective. Otherwise, with ordinary tools, you would end up with a lot of confusion, all the emails splattered all over the place, and you will keep organizing them.

Lastly, and the most important feature of this tool was its accuracy. As I said earlier, it is a big issue with Outlook Pst file to Mac Mail conversion that attachments often times are lost or not converted properly. There was no such issue this time. I receive almost all work emails with some form of attachments. My boss’s veins would pop out of head if I’d have lost those bar charts, graphs, and all those files sent through attachments.

And not even attachments. I noticed with my trials of other tools, and through my past experience, file converters generally lose many other items, such as images embedded within the email body, nested messages, non-English text, folder structure, and so on. Again – no such problem with “Pst Extractor Pro”.

I would say that conversion with this software was almost 100% accurate and thorough.

I would suggest you to now delay, and go download the free trial version ( now, if you want to convert Outlook Pst file to Mac Mail easily and effectively.


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