Convert Mac Mail to Outlook – The User-Friendly Approach!

Most conventional solutions available online to convert Mac Mail to Outlook do not work efficiently. The reason being – they extract contents from archived files like MBOX, or convert individual messages from a single EMLX file. These solutions are not time saving, nor are they accurate.

The worst part, they are hard to use. None of the generic MBOX or EMLX converter are user-friendly. The interface designs without much attention to the users’ ease and comfort. And if there’s a simple to use tool, it is very limited and powerless.

This scenario is more or less turned upside down by “Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software.

convert mac mail to outlook

Convert Mac Mail to Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro” is the only tool that converts data directly in Mac. And it doesn’t do so using MBOX or EMLX files. You can click on ‘Auto-load’ and it targets the main source that is the identity/profile directory of Apple Mail stored under users’ library folder. This eases up a lot of efforts otherwise required in typical tools.

It’s an extremely user-friendly tool, with no pre-requisites asking from users. It works right off the bat, from the first screen.

Here are some of its salient features:

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  • Splits large PST files into smaller ones automatically. You just need to specify the size at which to split.
  • Integrated mapping support for folder hierarchy to ensure folders remain intact in output PST files with correct order
  • Dedicated Event handlers for metadata and headers (like: to, from, cc, bcc, subject, time and date stamps) to ensure safety for the minor details associated with emails files
  • A simplified walkthrough/wizard for beginners and novice users
  • Micro-operations to keep all the details intact and properly converted
  • Brief and long report at the end of conversions to understand your migration projects better. Priceless for IT professionals in massive migration projects.
  • Transitional accuracy, keeping the fidelity of all forms of contents intact
  • Support for non-English text conversion too, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, which are tricky languages because they use double-byte characters instead of single.
  • Custom option to convert MBOX files to PST (Always use the ‘Auto-load.’ This custom option is given in case anyone needs, like you don’t have Apple Mail installed or you don’t have the profile directory saved somewhere.)


Mail Extractor Pro” has changed the landscape around Mac Mail to Outlook conversion. Earlier, there used to be lots of anxiety and concerns surrounding the job. And rightly so. Everyone always reported data loss and damage to certain components inside the files. It used to take a whole lot of time than one anticipated. All of that is history now.

Try free to Convert Mac Mail to Outlook

Try “Mail Extractor Pro” today. Say no to all Windows based, inefficient, risky, and painfully slow tools that never work the way you want them to.

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mac mail to outlook

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Download the free trial version of ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ and convert Mac Mail to Outlook.


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