Convert Mac Mail to Office 365 for Mac and Windows

This is the right way to convert Mac Mail to Office 365: Mail Extractor Pro

Conversion of Mac Mail to Outlook has always been a topic of debate. Despite agreeing on the fact that previous methods of email conversion have now become obsolete for Converting Mac Mail to office 365, not everybody has found the right way to do it.

Export Mac Mail to Office 365

Third-party converters created the buzz and became the modern-day solution for email conversions of all kinds. And as it often happens, the market got flooded with third-party converter tools claiming to be best at Converting Mac Mail to Office 365.  Thus, began the quest of finding the best.

So which converter is really the best?

Choosing the right converter tool is the first step to export Mac Mail to Outlook 365, and you have to get it spot on. Therefore, you need to pick the right converter tool. And that task was made easier by USL Software, the leaders in email conversion business.

USL Software released the best tool to Convert Mac Mail to Office 365 till date, Mail Extractor Pro. The tool is the most complete tool that you will come across. It has got all the best features giving you the necessary power, precision and ease required to attain the perfect conversion process.

Convert Mac Mail to Office 365

Yes, the power is surreal

Conversion accuracy gets you what you want, your data untouched and unharmed just in a different format. And Mail Extractor Pro offers you the best of it.

The tool provides you with best in class accuracy that helps you to attain the perfect conversion of all of your data present in the input file. The tool’s accuracy is such that the tool leaves nothing behind or unconverted while Converting Mac Mail to Office 365.

The tool ensures that none of the data is modified on any level. Therefore, retaining the authenticity of the data. The tool automates the process of loading up of the email database file, to ensure that everything is onboard before the conversion even begins.

The tool doesn’t get stuck while converting the most hardest of encoding schemas as well. Be it ASCII or the infamous Unicode data the tool converts it all.

Unicode data being a little tricky to convert as it contains all your attachments, nested messages etc. can become a real headache while Converting Mac Mail to Office 365 and has can cause harm to the data. But Mail Extractor Pro converts it all with accuracy thus, making the conversion process safer.

Converting Mac Mail to Office 365

And then comes the precision and ease

The tool not only takes care of your data but also you. To ensure that you don’t have to go digging into the files generated because of Converting Mac Mail to Office 365, the tool retains the folder hierarchy. The entire folder structure of the input file is replicated in the output file generated.

This makes your post conversion life easier and gives you a nice user experience.

Speaking of user experience, the tool also makes it easier for you to operate the tool. The interface provided by the tool only shows you what is necessary and required to attain a perfect conversion process.

It even provides you with informative wizards and dialog boxes to guide you through your journey of Converting Mac Mail to Office 365. Thus, making it all nicer.

Try it to convert Mac Mail to Office 365

Get your free trial copy today at

Download the free trial version offered by the tool and convert Mac Mail MBOX to PST for Mac and Windows Outlook.


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