To or Not-to Convert EMLX to PST for Apple Mail Data Migration?

EMLX File (*.emlx)

EMLX is a file extension; you will find it inside the Apple Mail database folder. It’s a simple text file storing a single email message. (in contrast, EML is used by Windows Live Mail and is a generic text file, although, it’s purpose is also store email messages).

EMLX cannot be used a personal data file, such as for backup, import, or export, not even in Apple Mail itself.

Which begs the question – how do you move Apple mail data to Windows Outlook?

Apple Mail allows data archive to MBOX format (automatically and manually). MBOX is a standard file used by many software and emailing programs, but unfortunately, that too is not of any use in Outlook Mac or Windows.

PST File (*.pst)

There is another file you might have commonly heard, called PST. It is short for Personal Storage Table (OST is its variant, short for Offline Storage Table, which is used for offline access of data). It is primarily used in Windows Outlook for data archiving and more tasks such as export and import. PST also works when importing emails to Mac Outlook.

Therefore, it makes sense to gather all your EMLX files and convert them to PST, and then import PST to Outlook.

Convert EMLX to PST

However, as said above, it is merely a text file that stores email message. The attachments, images, and other data are stored in other files. EMLX can contain email headers (To, from, subject, time and date).

Besides, the tools available for converting EMLX to PST are often limited. They do not fully protect your folders or Unicode text, or even text formatting (like bold, italics, etc.). And because every single email message is stored in an individual EMLX file, the number of files total that needs converting could amount to overwhelming number. Unlike PST and MBOX that stores everything in bulk, under a single file.

Another noteworthy point is that even if you could manage all that, the tools for converting EMLX to PST are too slow. Given all the other challenges already associated with the task, the lack of speed could make things much worse, especially in a work environment if you are migrating your work-related data.

So, back to our original question, to or not-to convert EMLX to PST for migrating Apple Mail to PST for Outlook? It is clear by above passages that the task could be tricky. And if you don’t have experience, you are setting yourself up for failure and frustration.

No Need of EMLX for Apple Mail Migration

What we do suggest is a much efficient and safe approach. Pick up ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ from the link given below.

Get it here:

It works differently than any other tool for this purpose. You can instantly choose to auto-load the Apple Mail database called Profile (or in some cases ‘Identity’) and it will convert all your data straight from that folder. It is an excellent way to avoid all the hassles and needless complexity of EMLX to PST conversion.

convert emlx to pst

Try it to convert EMLX to PST

The tool comes in a free version for you to try it out. The interface is user-friendly and fully intuitive. The speed of data conversion is quick, and there is also a technical support backing you up, if the need arises.


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