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Convert EMLX to EML – Migrate Mail With Easy

To convert EMLX to EML is a very common task for computer users. You may not have heard about it because this may be your first time. But there are few tools that offer resolutions to such conversion objectives.

About EMLX and EML Files

EMLX is a file that Apple Mail users to store messages. A single EMLX file store a single message. It was employed by Apple in the second edition of ‘Mail’ to make index searching easier and faster, as opposed to the MBOX file that was used in the first edition of ‘Mail’.

Many users confuse EMLX to EML files sometimes. But if you are here looking for ways to convert EMLX to EML. I am guessing you don’t have these two files mixed up. But for those who did, here’s a very small introduction to EML files.

Like EMLX is used by Apple Mail, EML is similarly the native file for Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail. Now, these clients have long been discontinued by Microsoft, but the EML file format stuck around and became a generic email file. EML file contains plain ASCII text for headers and the main message body, along with attachments and hyperlinks as well.

Another important point is that EML always uses MIME standard, that means they don’t use S/MIME encryption methods.

Many users convert EMLX to EML because EML is a more generic file format and can be used by several email clients. If you want to keep the backup of your Apple mail EMLX files, it makes sense to keep it in a format that you can use later on with many apps and programs. You might also be switching from Mac Mail to Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express.

How to Convert EMLX to EML Free

So, let’s return to our main topic of this article and talk about how to convert EMLX to EML free.

If you look around you could find few tools or apps that allow you to convert EMLX to EML free. But before you go ahead and get those apps installed on your machine.

Here are few points to consider:

  • Free EMLX to EML converters do not convert data accurately and or even completely. They could miss your email attachments, images, metadata, folder structure, and so on.
  • None of the free tools till date support the conversion of non-English text.
  • Most of the free EMLX to EML converters contain malware and adware. Their interface is also full of annoying ads, making it difficult to convert files.
  • They are painfully slow and can take countless hours to convert even a few EMLX files to EML.
  • Some tools have a limited edition and are marketed as free. Such free versions have literally no use other than that for trial purposes. It’s a dishonest marketing scheme that lures people in to download tools that are not free and forces the users to buy the full version once they get the trial edition installed.
  • Majority of the free EMLX to EML converters do not have a reliable team of developers behind them, no support, and no obligation to the end users for keeping their data safe. They could even be from fraudulent sources built only to install PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), adware, toolbars, or such. Some can contain virus and have a huge possibility to make irreversible changes to your computers.

Email migration isn’t as big an industry as the email clients themselves. The most common reason for that is, converting email files is a very complex job. EMLX to EML conversion may be one of the most demanding projects for developers. Most large companies have such email migration utilities custom-built for them. Therefore, the likelihood of finding professional EMLX to EML tools is nil.

It is advised strongly to stay away from tools that claim to convert EMLX to EML for free. If you have only few emails to transfer between Apple Mail and Outlook Express, you can do it manually by forwarding them. If you have a lot more than one or two folders to transfer, you need a professional tool recommended below.

An Alternative to Convert EMLX to EML for Free!

After thoroughly going through many licensed and certified tools for EMLX to EML conversion, only one was found to be complete and trustable.

It’s called Mail Extractor Max.

convert emlx to eml

But here’s a little twist. It’s not your usual EMLX to EML Converter. In fact, it doesn’t convert EMLX files at all. Instead, the team of developers behind it wanted to abandon the old and sloppy approach of Apple Mail to EML conversion. So, they started with an empty slate and began designing from a complete scratch.

The final result is “Mail Extractor Max,” offering far better alternative to EMLX to EML Conversion. This tool can directly load your Apple mail database from its default location installed on your Mac. You can even manually load any other database directory from other places, such as your external hard drive. This simply means that you don’t’ need to extract all of your EMLX files to obtain the Apple Mail emails.

The tool has a made a tremendous change in how users approach this task. Now with a single click, you get everything ready for conversion automatically. No hassle of any kind.

What’s even greater: this improves the accuracy of conversion to 99% from a much lower number relating EMLX to EML conversion. You get none of your data items mismatched between original and output files. All the images, email attachments, and metadata are converted with zero deformities or corruption. This ability to maintain the fidelity of your contents make it an extremely valuable email migration tool to have ever been developed for this particular task.

Do not waste another minute.

It’s a professional tool that is available in several licenses to suit various needs. From household to large enterprises, you can have the version that you think will do the job for you. In most cases, if you are a home user with two or more different users and computers, a household license will suffice.

And there is also a free trial version too that you can download right here: ( and check out the tool in action.



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