OST to MBOX Converter free Download – Everything in an Email Migration Tool That You’d Expect!

OST to MBOX Converter (For Mac & Windows)

Email migration tools, especially the ones that are dealing with files that correspond to dissimilar operating systems (Mac and Windows, for instance). It can be incredibly hard to use and inefficient. To extract contents from email data files is a complex and intricate process. And it requires correct algorithms and dedicated logic for your items. Unfortunately, very few software applications can handle that with proficiency.

Today, we are going to talk about one such application that meets your expectations. Also we will check all the criteria for a successful email migration tools. It has the features that are necessary for any software in general, like easy interface, support, free of glitches, and such. But it also offers dedicated and unique features necessary for a complex email migration task.

OST to MBOX Conversion in Mac & Windows

The email migration that we are going to be talking about is OST to MBOX conversion in Mac. Both OST and MBOX are data files used respectively with Windows Outlook and Mac Mail. And they are vary from each other in variety of ways, making data extraction complex. But the tool that we are going to be talking about is efficient in ensuring everything is converted cleanly and without missing elements.

It’s called “OST Extractor Pro,” offered by USL Software.

OST to MBOX Converter Tool

“OST Extractor Pro” is a full software utility for Mac that allows conversion of OST files into multiple formats that you can choose from, including MBOX, EML, Entourage, Thunderbird, and Postbox.

ost to mbox converter

Many users both basic and experts have recommended OST Extractor Pro over any other OST to MBOX converter for Mac or Windows due to several reasons. As difficult as the job appears to be, this utility from USL Software has certainly made a significant reduce in stress relating to data integrity loss and more by advanced programming and features. Let’s talk about few of those reasons why “OST Extractor Pro” is the most popular OST to MBOX converter tool:

  • It gives users freedom to convert files in bulk without risking the quality. Like accuracy, speed, or compromising with other features.
  • “OST Extractor Pro” is also the only converter that fully supports the conversion of non-English text characters (like Chinese or Korean) without exceptions. It has a dedicated logic to deal with Unicode, ASCII, UTF-8, or DBCS characters and convert such emails with precision.
  • The tool runs in Mac smoothly without any glitches and errors. There’s no constant freezing or crashes like with other OST to MBOX converters for Mac.
  • The tool projects the folder hierarchy from OST to MBOX correctly. Most tools often modify the structure in irreversible ways, making it a painful job to manage you emails after conversion. Not so much a problem anymore with “OST Extractor Pro.”

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Get OST to MBOX Converter free Download

Get the trial setup here: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/.

You can download it below instantly. No sign-up necessary. You don’t’ need to give any information. Just get the file, double-click on it and install. You can begin using it in a free trial mode (without activation) in just a few minutes.

Convert Mac Mail to Outlook – The User-Friendly Approach!

Most conventional solutions available online to convert Mac Mail to Outlook do not work efficiently. The reason being – they extract contents from archived files like MBOX, or convert individual messages from a single EMLX file. These solutions are not time saving, nor are they accurate.

The worst part, they are hard to use. None of the generic MBOX or EMLX converter are user-friendly. The interface designs without much attention to the users’ ease and comfort. And if there’s a simple to use tool, it is very limited and powerless.

This scenario is more or less turned upside down by “Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software.

convert mac mail to outlook

Convert Mac Mail to Outlook

Mail Extractor Pro” is the only tool that converts data directly in Mac. And it doesn’t do so using MBOX or EMLX files. You can click on ‘Auto-load’ and it targets the main source that is the identity/profile directory of Apple Mail stored under users’ library folder. This eases up a lot of efforts otherwise required in typical tools.

It’s an extremely user-friendly tool, with no pre-requisites asking from users. It works right off the bat, from the first screen.

Here are some of its salient features:

[wpsm_list type=”check”]

  • Splits large PST files into smaller ones automatically. You just need to specify the size at which to split.
  • Integrated mapping support for folder hierarchy to ensure folders remain intact in output PST files with correct order
  • Dedicated Event handlers for metadata and headers (like: to, from, cc, bcc, subject, time and date stamps) to ensure safety for the minor details associated with emails files
  • A simplified walkthrough/wizard for beginners and novice users
  • Micro-operations to keep all the details intact and properly converted
  • Brief and long report at the end of conversions to understand your migration projects better. Priceless for IT professionals in massive migration projects.
  • Transitional accuracy, keeping the fidelity of all forms of contents intact
  • Support for non-English text conversion too, including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, which are tricky languages because they use double-byte characters instead of single.
  • Custom option to convert MBOX files to PST (Always use the ‘Auto-load.’ This custom option is given in case anyone needs, like you don’t have Apple Mail installed or you don’t have the profile directory saved somewhere.)


Mail Extractor Pro” has changed the landscape around Mac Mail to Outlook conversion. Earlier, there used to be lots of anxiety and concerns surrounding the job. And rightly so. Everyone always reported data loss and damage to certain components inside the files. It used to take a whole lot of time than one anticipated. All of that is history now.

Try free to Convert Mac Mail to Outlook

Try “Mail Extractor Pro” today. Say no to all Windows based, inefficient, risky, and painfully slow tools that never work the way you want them to.

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mac mail to outlook

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Download the free trial version of ‘Mail Extractor Pro‘ and convert Mac Mail to Outlook.

Migrate EMLX to EML – Surprisingly Simple 4 Steps Tutorial

How to Migrate EMLX to EML

Want to migrate EMLX to EML? This tutorial of just 4 steps would tell you how, but more than that it would surprise you by the fact that how simple it can be once you have the appropriate tools and the guidance.

But first, an admission of truth – this tutorial isn’t exactly about how to migrate EMLX to EML, but how to get the data from Mac Mail into EML files. But to be honest, that’s about the same thing, if not better.

EMLX is a native and raw file used by Mac Mail to store data. EMLX files are inside the profile database in your Mac. Most users when migrating emails to other client like Outlook Express or other EML file supporting clients, they have to convert everything to EML. Or if they have to keep a backup for longterm, they wish to keep it in EML format, as it is more generic and compatible with many programs.

EMLX and MBOX, on the other hand, are only compatible with Mac Mail.

So, if you want to migrate Mac Mail to EML, you can either convert EMLX to EML through elaborate and tedious manual methods, or you can use the alternative below in just four simple steps.

To begin with, you need “Mail Extractor Max,” a Mac Mail data extraction tool from USL Software. It processes email items carefully and with precision, so worries about data loss.

Tutorial: How to Migrate EMLX to EML

[wpsm_list type=”check”]

  • 1. After installation, you launch the tool. Click on “Load” and then “Auto-Load”. This will automatically get your contents from the Mail profile directory into the tool’s conversion engine.how to migrate emlx to eml
  • 2. Choose which folders you wish to convert and which ones you don’t. Or you can leave all of them marked for conversion, as it by default.migrate emlx to eml
  • 3. Choose “EML” from the output list of formats available. Since “Mail Extractor Max” can convert Mac Mail data into other formats. (Outlook 2011 for Mac, Entourage, Postbox, Thunderbird, MBOX & EML).how to convert emlx to eml
  • 4. Hit “convert,” choose the location for the output EML files. Once the conversion is over, you can simply use EML files anywhere you want. Keep them in safe location for restoration of data in future.


These four steps drastically changes the entire paradigm of EMLX to EML or Mac Mail to EML conversion forever.

To put that in perspective, other ordinary methods would have to first manually locate EMLX files. Keep a backup of Mac Mail profile in case things go south, load the EMLX file one by one to the third-party converter. Carefully check each setting and options, and dozens of other manual actions that will leave you high and dry. Or the best case scenario, it will end up converting data to EML files, but only with compressible precision and data integrity.

Here, you not only get a quick way to move data to EML Files, but also a secured way of data migration that doesn’t fragment your files and important contents. All your non-English text, images, attachments, etc. will be converted cleanly with no deformity.

Download “Mail Extractor Max” and start migrating your emails from Apple Mail to EML or migrate EMLX to EML.

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Convert PST to Apple Mail safe and affordable ways

Convert PST to Apple Mail

If you have been searching for safe and affordable ways to convert PST to Apple Mail, then you must be aware of the dangers related to email conversion and how careful one has to be these days to find a reliable email converter.

What is email conversion and why is it risky?

Email conversion is the process where an email user has to change the format of his email database in order to use it in a different email application that does not support the previous format. This is beneficial for email users who work on multiple computers and travel a lot.

The process of email conversion was considered risky because the previously used manual method did not offer and assurance of data safety and was dreadfully slow. However, to improve the speed and quality of results, third party email converters were created to convert PST to Apple mail. But unfortunately, due to the huge quantity of tools now floating all around, the quality of the results started falling. Now mediocre or fake tools were finding their way into the hands of inexperienced customers, and it is due to this danger that professional tools were created.

How to convert PST to Apple mail like a professional?

If you want to get flawless results from the beginning and that too without having expertise in Outlook windows to Apple mail conversion, then you should try working with the PST extractor Pro.

The PST extractor Pro

It is a professionally certified tool that was specially created by USL Software in order to help normal windows Outlook users in converting their emails from PST to Apple Mail format without losing their important email information.

convert pst to apple mail

Some of the best features of the PST Extractor Pro are listed beneath:

[wpsm_list type=”check”]

  • Installs easily

    The PST Extractor Pro can be set up in under a minute and is incredibly easy to use because all it takes is a few mouse clicks to get going. Added with a wizard based interface, it becomes an enjoyable and quick process.

  • High speeds

    One of the major benefits of using the PST Extractor Pro is that it works at 20 times higher speeds than ordinary email converters. So with this tool, not only will you safely convert PST to Apple Mail, but you can save a huge amount of time.

  • Easy to operate

    This is the USP of the PST Extractor Pro. The tool is so easy to use. Even a child with basic computer skills can operate the tool without any problem. The whole process takes only minutes and is neatly divided into 3 or 4 steps. That makes it a cakewalk when compared to the complex process of other tools.

  • 100% safe

    The PST Extractor Pro is a rare tool that gives you a data protection guarantee. With an assurance of no data loss and complete data transfer. You can relax and watch your files move as you want, without missing even one.

  • Multiple PST file

    The PST Extractor Pro is the first tool that you can convert multiple PST file at once. It is due to this smart feature that you can now convert all your PST file in one go. Skip the most boring part of email migration even with the third party clients. Now you can just click and choose.

  • Preserves data hierarchy

    The PST Extractor Pro is able to ensure total data security along with a no data modification policy. The tool gives a guarantee that none of your folders will be misplaces and all files will be transported safely.


Try it for free

You can now get the PST Extractor Pro for free. Once you are satisfied, you can go ahead and make the tool yours in a very small amount. Try it for free, here: http://www.pstextractorpro.com/.

Today We Discuss About the Job to Convert EMLX to EML Free and How Can Users Achieve Accurate Results!

Convert EMLX to EML – Migrate Mail With Easy

To convert EMLX to EML is a very common task for computer users. You may not have heard about it because this may be your first time. But there are few tools that offer resolutions to such conversion objectives.

About EMLX and EML Files

EMLX is a file that Apple Mail users to store messages. A single EMLX file store a single message. It was employed by Apple in the second edition of ‘Mail’ to make index searching easier and faster, as opposed to the MBOX file that was used in the first edition of ‘Mail’.

Many users confuse EMLX to EML files sometimes. But if you are here looking for ways to convert EMLX to EML. I am guessing you don’t have these two files mixed up. But for those who did, here’s a very small introduction to EML files.

Like EMLX is used by Apple Mail, EML is similarly the native file for Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail. Now, these clients have long been discontinued by Microsoft, but the EML file format stuck around and became a generic email file. EML file contains plain ASCII text for headers and the main message body, along with attachments and hyperlinks as well.

Another important point is that EML always uses MIME standard, that means they don’t use S/MIME encryption methods.

Many users convert EMLX to EML because EML is a more generic file format and can be used by several email clients. If you want to keep the backup of your Apple mail EMLX files, it makes sense to keep it in a format that you can use later on with many apps and programs. You might also be switching from Mac Mail to Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express.

How to Convert EMLX to EML Free

So, let’s return to our main topic of this article and talk about how to convert EMLX to EML free.

If you look around you could find few tools or apps that allow you to convert EMLX to EML free. But before you go ahead and get those apps installed on your machine.

Here are few points to consider:

  • Free EMLX to EML converters do not convert data accurately and or even completely. They could miss your email attachments, images, metadata, folder structure, and so on.
  • None of the free tools till date support the conversion of non-English text.
  • Most of the free EMLX to EML converters contain malware and adware. Their interface is also full of annoying ads, making it difficult to convert files.
  • They are painfully slow and can take countless hours to convert even a few EMLX files to EML.
  • Some tools have a limited edition and are marketed as free. Such free versions have literally no use other than that for trial purposes. It’s a dishonest marketing scheme that lures people in to download tools that are not free and forces the users to buy the full version once they get the trial edition installed.
  • Majority of the free EMLX to EML converters do not have a reliable team of developers behind them, no support, and no obligation to the end users for keeping their data safe. They could even be from fraudulent sources built only to install PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), adware, toolbars, or such. Some can contain virus and have a huge possibility to make irreversible changes to your computers.

Email migration isn’t as big an industry as the email clients themselves. The most common reason for that is, converting email files is a very complex job. EMLX to EML conversion may be one of the most demanding projects for developers. Most large companies have such email migration utilities custom-built for them. Therefore, the likelihood of finding professional EMLX to EML tools is nil.

It is advised strongly to stay away from tools that claim to convert EMLX to EML for free. If you have only few emails to transfer between Apple Mail and Outlook Express, you can do it manually by forwarding them. If you have a lot more than one or two folders to transfer, you need a professional tool recommended below.

An Alternative to Convert EMLX to EML for Free!

After thoroughly going through many licensed and certified tools for EMLX to EML conversion, only one was found to be complete and trustable.

It’s called Mail Extractor Max.

convert emlx to eml

But here’s a little twist. It’s not your usual EMLX to EML Converter. In fact, it doesn’t convert EMLX files at all. Instead, the team of developers behind it wanted to abandon the old and sloppy approach of Apple Mail to EML conversion. So, they started with an empty slate and began designing from a complete scratch.

The final result is “Mail Extractor Max,” offering far better alternative to EMLX to EML Conversion. This tool can directly load your Apple mail database from its default location installed on your Mac. You can even manually load any other database directory from other places, such as your external hard drive. This simply means that you don’t’ need to extract all of your EMLX files to obtain the Apple Mail emails.

The tool has a made a tremendous change in how users approach this task. Now with a single click, you get everything ready for conversion automatically. No hassle of any kind.

What’s even greater: this improves the accuracy of conversion to 99% from a much lower number relating EMLX to EML conversion. You get none of your data items mismatched between original and output files. All the images, email attachments, and metadata are converted with zero deformities or corruption. This ability to maintain the fidelity of your contents make it an extremely valuable email migration tool to have ever been developed for this particular task.

Do not waste another minute.

It’s a professional tool that is available in several licenses to suit various needs. From household to large enterprises, you can have the version that you think will do the job for you. In most cases, if you are a home user with two or more different users and computers, a household license will suffice.

And there is also a free trial version too that you can download right here: (http://www.uslsoftware.com/emlx-to-eml-converter-for-mac/) and check out the tool in action.


Transferring Data From Outlook 2011 to Windows Live Mail

I’ve read countless number of times how difficult it is to move emails from Outlook 2011 to Windows live Mail. The technical forum that I frequently use to discuss any computer related tasks are filled with the questions about Outlook 2011 migration. And the responses are generally not too effective.

So naturally when it came to me, I was anxious and had literally no idea. The thought of going to the same forums and asking the same question felt like the worst thing I can do.

But I had no other choice. So I did ask the question about how to make the transfer as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Out of nowhere, someone recommended a tool instead of offering me the manual solutions of conversion. That was refreshing to see, and also a little intimidating. Because, let’s face it, no matter how many times we try and fail on manual methods of conversion, it is not like we are losing money. But when it comes to buying a professional tool, we all feel a slight tingling of anxiety and curiosity.

Had I been unaware of how difficult it is to follow these instructions to manually move the emails one way or other, I would have at least tried it myself and then regret it later.

But since I know what they are all about, I decided to take a shot at this tool that one of the forum community had suggested.

Luckily, there was no risk as there is a free trial version. You can download it here for free. This version will let you use all of the features as in paid version, except that when you convert Outlook 2011 to Windows Live Mail, the tool will limit the conversion to only 10 emails from each folder inside Outlook 2011.

[quick_offer id=460]

Olm and Eml file formats

So, where’s what you need to know in order to use it – notice that there isn’t much to know prior to start using it. That’s evidently speak of the simplicity offered by it.

  • Olm – You need Olm files to convert the data. Olm is a file format for Outlook 2011 where it stores all the content in an archived format.

    You can choose more than one Olm files and convert all of them at the same time.

  • Eml – when choosing the output format, choose “Eml” file. There is no direct and clear option for “windows Live format”.

    However, converting to .eml file will do it for you, since Eml is a popular file format used by many email clients for importing/exporting data, including Windows Live format.

Next, navigate to the location where you have stored Olm files, load them up. Choose the folders inside Olm file that you want to convert. Choose output file as .Eml, and click “convert”.

Outlook 2011 to Windows Live MailAnd that’s all there is to know. I was done with the conversions in less than 20 minutes for my 3 GB of Olm file. That makes the speed of conversion almost 7 minutes for 1 Gb, which is something very impressive. I still remember people posting on forums that it took a several hours, and still the results were incoherent.

Data incoherency or inaccuracy or lack of integrity is something you wouldn’t notice with “Olm Extractor Pro”, neither did I. Every single piece of information was properly converted without any modification.

So, do not hesitate to use it. There is a free trial version to test it. So you got nothing to lose. Click here to download it instantly.

Convert Outlook Pst File to Mac Mail With All the Attachments and every other item

The problem with converting Outlook Pst to Mac Mail is the loss of data, or in other words, incomplete migration. In fact, this issue is with every other type of email migration; but in Outlook Pst to Mac Mail, the risk increases many folds only because the transfer of data is between two different platforms or OS – Windows and Mac.

And I knew that. I have done it in the past while assisting a friend with the same task. And I knew very well how it all goes. You spend hours and hours and end up realizing that the transfer was incomplete. The biggest trouble is with the attachments. The attachments are generally lost whenever you try to transfer the emails from Outlook Pst to Mac Mail.

This time it was for my own data. I recently purchased Mac computer and wanted everything to be transferred. But I wasn’t willing to go through that same path. I couldn’t waste time that much only to perform an inefficient and imprecise email migration.

So I searched and searched a lot. Ironically, a lot of time was wasted nevertheless. But at least I found a good solution that worked amazingly well. Even though it came a bit late, I am still satisfied.

The method that I applied was through the professional file converter program called “Pst Extractor Pro”. As the name suggests, it converts Pst files into many other file formats, and Mbox is one of them. Mbox format is the primary file extension used by Apple Mail to store the emails and every other items.

Using this tool you can convert all of your data from Outlook Pst into Mbox format, and then import those Mbox files into your Apple Mail. Pretty simple, but highly effective.

Convert Outlook Pst File to Mac Mail

Actually, I found many other tools that do the same work, and even downloaded their trial versions. But there were few reasons that I chose and finally bought the full version of “Pst Extractor Pro”.

One, it looked very simple. Its very carefully designed graphical interface is one of the easiest I have seen. To put it in other words, using the tool was very natural to me. Even a kid who knows basic computer won’t find it difficult to use.

Two, it had many other options that actually help a lot when you are converting Outlook Pst file to Mac Mail. Such as, you can split Mbox files into two, and even specify the maximum size after which the software will itself split Mbox file into two parts. Big sized Mbox file isn’t too good for the performance of Apple Mail. There is also automatic contacts and calendar conversion, where the tool converts them to Vcf and Ics file, respectively. Moreover, you can merge all the contacts or calendar data from a single folder into a single Vcf or Ics file respectively. Lastly, there is an option to save read/unread emails separately.

All of these things make the whole task a lot effective. Otherwise, with ordinary tools, you would end up with a lot of confusion, all the emails splattered all over the place, and you will keep organizing them.

Lastly, and the most important feature of this tool was its accuracy. As I said earlier, it is a big issue with Outlook Pst file to Mac Mail conversion that attachments often times are lost or not converted properly. There was no such issue this time. I receive almost all work emails with some form of attachments. My boss’s veins would pop out of head if I’d have lost those bar charts, graphs, and all those files sent through attachments.

And not even attachments. I noticed with my trials of other tools, and through my past experience, file converters generally lose many other items, such as images embedded within the email body, nested messages, non-English text, folder structure, and so on. Again – no such problem with “Pst Extractor Pro”.

I would say that conversion with this software was almost 100% accurate and thorough.

I would suggest you to now delay, and go download the free trial version (http://www.pstextractorpro.com/) now, if you want to convert Outlook Pst file to Mac Mail easily and effectively.